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WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Loki season 2, episode 4.




  • The surprising cliffhanger ending of Loki season 2, episode 4 leaves the fate of the entire cast unknown, with the possibility of some characters dying permanently.
  • Victor Timely dies in episode 4 when he attempts to fix the Temporal Loom and is disintegrated by the time stream’s radiation.
  • Although the fate of the characters is uncertain, it is likely that most, if not all, of them will return in the upcoming episodes, potentially through various timelines and branches.

The shocking cliffhanger ending of Loki season 2, episode 4 leaves the fate of the entire cast unknown, so here’s who’s dead and who’s likely to return in next week’s episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe show. Throughout season 2, Loki, Mobius and their allies at the TVA have been attempting to fix the Temporal Loom, which has been overloaded by the massive amount of branches created when Sylvie killed He Who Remains and set the multiverse loose. That comes to a head in Loki season 2, episode 4 as the team attempts to adjust the loom now that they have Victor Timely’s Temporal Aura.

However, things don’t go to plan, and the fate of the Loki season 2 cast of characters is left unknown with the cliffhanger ending of the episode. It’s unclear what exactly happened to Loki, Mobius, Sylvie, OB, Hunter-B15, Casey and the others at the TVA, but it seems OB’s ominous warning that they were all going to die came to pass. That said, there’s still two episodes left of Loki season 2, so while some characters might be dead for good, it’s likely many will return. Here’s who died in Loki season 2, episode 4 and who may return.

General Dox And Her Team Are Killed By Renslayer – And Likely Won’t Return

Dox in Loki

Midway through the episode, Renslayer returns to the TVA and offers General Dox a deal—if they help her take control of the TVA, she’ll give any of them who want it a life on the timeline. Although X-5, aka Brad, takes Renslayer’s deal, Dox and the rest don’t. As a result, Renslayer kills them with the machine Loki used to torture Brad in episode 2. Considering their deaths happen before the Temporal Loom explosion, and Dox was a minor character introduced in Loki season 2, it’s likely she and her team aren’t going to return. That said, with the existence of the multiverse, it’s always a possibility their variants could.

Victor Timely Dies In The Temporal Loom – And He Might Not Return

Jonathan Majors as Victor Timely Threatened By Sylvie In Loki Season 2 Episode 3

At the end of the episode, Victor Timely volunteers himself to fix the Temporal Loom, but when he enters the room where the loom is housed, he’s immediately killed by the massive amount of temporal radiation emitted by the time stream. He’s shown disintegrating, potentially living out the fate OB warned about in Loki season 2, episode 1 of having his skin peeled off, though it looks more like he’s turning into spaghetti. Nevertheless, it does seem Victor Timely dies.

Will Victor Timely Return In Loki Season 2?

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It’s unclear if Victor Timely will return in Loki season 2, whether in episode 5 or episode 6, the finale, but his death may be permanent. Considering he died prior to the explosion that potentially killed the rest of the characters, he may not be included in whatever method is used to bring Loki and the others back. That said, it’s not entirely clear what happened to Victor, and whether he can be saved or restored in some way. In one of the early Loki season 2 trailers, Loki is seen turning into spaghetti similarly to Victor, so it may not be the death sentence it appears to be.

However, that scene from the trailers hasn’t been shown in season 2 yet, so it could be a Loki variant dying in another timeline, indicating Victor is, in fact, dead. Or it could be teasing Loki dies before the end of season 2. All that said, even if Victor Timely doesn’t return in Loki season 2, it’s possible another Kang variant does. Whether that’s He Who Remains or one of the Council of Kangs or someone else entirely remains to be seen.

Loki Season 2, Episode 4’s Ending Kills Everyone – But They Won’t Stay Dead

OB, Hunter B-15, Loki, and Mobius in Loki season 2

As for everyone else, something disastrous has happened as a result of the Temporal Loom explosion. If OB’s prediction came true, then everyone in the room died along with everyone in the TVA. That said, it seems safe to say most—if not all—of them will return. In fact, many of the characters appear in scenes in the Loki season 2 trailers that haven’t been included in episodes 1-4, so they’re all-but confirmed to return. These include Loki, Hunter B-15 and Casey, though it seems likely Mobius, Sylvie and OB will also return. While it’s possible the trailers may have pulled some trickery, it’s unlikely Loki killed off its entire cast of characters with two episodes still left.

How Loki Season 2’s Cast May Return

So if the characters are likely to return, that leaves the question of how Loki will pull it off. Since there’s a scene in the trailer of Hunter B-15 as a doctor, it might be that the loom explosion sends everyone to various points in the timeline, potentially on different branches—and/or to where they were before they were pulled from their timelines to serve the TVA. That would fall in line with one of the themes of the season, which is members of the TVA dealing with the knowledge that they’re variants, and they have places on the timeline. It would be compelling to see the characters confronted with what their lives could have been.

Marvel may come up with a different way to bring the cast back, but it still seems likely most of the main cast will return in episode 5. They just might not be all together. However, it won’t be known who exactly survived Loki season 2, episode 4’s cliffhanger ending and how they’ll return until next week.

Loki season 2, episode 5 releases Thursday, November 2 at 9pm ET/6pm PT on Disney+.

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