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Want to know where to watch Choose Love online? Look no further. Bridging the gap between fiction and reality, Choose Love is an interactive romantic comedy that allows its viewers to dictate the flow of the plot. Directed by Stuart McDonald and released in August of 2023, the 77-minute flick proves to be a fun adventure for its audience through its unique and dynamic nature. Cami serves as the protagonist of the movie, and the plot revolves around her love life. Shown in a stable relationship with her boyfriend, Paul, at the beginning of the film, Cami’s life takes an interesting turn when she encounters two men: her first partner Jack, and British rock star Rex.

Here’s where you can stream Choose Love online.

Where can you watch and stream Choose Love?

You can watch and stream Choose Love on Netflix.

While the movie’s interactive nature is certainly its unique selling point, it does not take away from the impactful performances put in by the star cast. Laura Marano shines as the leading lady Cami Conway and is well supported by Scott Michael Foster, Avan Jogia, Jordi Webber, Megan Smart, Benjamin Hoetjes, Nell Fisher, and Blair Strang.

How to watch Choose Love and stream online

One can easily stream Choose Love online by getting a Netflix subscription. The renowned streaming platform should definitely be explored by every cinephile, owing to the variety of movies, TV shows, and documentaries it harbors. In order to become a subscriber, you need to sign up with Netflix. You can achieve this by either going to their official website or downloading their application.

Once you sign up with Netflix, you will have the option to choose from the three subscription tiers that the platform offers. Depending on the facilities provided, the payment models come in different prices:

  • Standard Plan With Ads, costing $6.99 per month
  • Standard Plan Without Ads, costing $15.49 per month
  • Premium Plan Without Ads, costing $19.99 per month

Both the Standard Plans have the upper limit of 1080p when it comes to video quality. Similarly, both these plans enable the user to simultaneously stream on up to two screens. However, if you opt for the Premium plan, the maximum video quality gets upgraded to 4K Ultra HD. The simultaneous streaming also gets bumped up to four screens in this scheme.

The official synopsis for Choose Love reads:

“The steady boyfriend. The one who got away. The charming rock star. Who will Cami choose? In this interactive rom-com, her love life is in your hands.”

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