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Den Brother (2010) is a Disney Channel Original Movie that follows Alex Pearson who is charged with leading his sister’s Bumble Bee Scout troop, which pulls him out of his self-absorbed nature and teaches him the significance of responsibilities. If you are curious about how you can watch and stream Den Brother online then you are in the right place as we are here to provide all the details you need!

Here’s where you can watch Den Brother online.

Where can you watch and stream Den Brother?

You can watch and stream Den Brother on Disney Plus.

Directed by Mark L. Taylor, Den Brother stars Hutch Dano in the lead as Alex, along with G. Hannelius as his sister Emily. Other cast members include Taylar Hender, Vicki Lewis, Kelsey Chow, David Lambert, Kelly Gould, Kiara Muhammad, Haley Tju, Maurice Godin, Debra Mooney, and more.

How to watch Den Brother and stream online

To watch Den Brother and other Disney Channel Original Movies online, a Disney Plus subscription is required. Viewers need to head over to the website or the app of the streaming service and sign in with their email ID, or phone number along with a password, following which they can choose a plan of their liking and complete the purchase. After that, all there is to do is search up Den Brother and enjoy!

The standard plans offered are:

  1. Basic Disney Plus with ads- $7.99/month
  2. Premium Disney Plus ad-free- $10.99/month
  3. Premium annual Disney Plus ad-free- $109.99/year

The Bundle plans offered are:

  1. Disney Plus Bundle Duo (Disney+ and Hulu)- $9.99/month (Basic with ads) and $19.99/month (Premium ad-free)
  2. Disney Plus Bundle Trio (Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN +)- $12.99/month (Basic with ads) and $19.99/month (Premium ad-free)

The official synopsis for Den Brother reads:

“Alex Pearson has a lot to learn about teamwork. As the star of the Lemon Oaks hockey team, Alex almost always has his way on and off the ice. That is until he pulls a stunt so outrageous not even his own coach can give him a pass. His punishment? Suspension from the team, a never-ending list of chores, and a job watching his little sister Emily after school.”

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