Where To Watch Over The Garden Wall


  • Over the Garden Wall is a cult hit animated series that debuted on Cartoon Network in 2014 and can now be easily accessed through the streaming platform Hulu.
  • The series follows half-brothers Wirt and Greg as they navigate a mysterious realm called the Unknown, encountering fantastical creatures and a menacing entity known as the Beast.
  • Subscribing to Hulu is the most straightforward and cost-effective way to watch Over the Garden Wall, although individual episodes and the full season can also be purchased on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Store, and Microsoft Store.



The animated miniseries Over the Garden Wall debuted on Cartoon Network in 2014, and years later, in the age of streaming, it’s easier than ever to watch this cult hit. One of the greatest animated series ever produced, it centers on Wirt (Elijah Wood) and Greg (Collin Dean), half-brothers who find themselves in the Unknown — a mysterious realm populated by fantastical creatures, haunting beings, and a hope-crushing, woods-dwelling entity known as the Beast (Samuel Ramey).

In the second episode, “Hard Times at the Huskin’ Bee,” the brothers meet talking bluebird Beatrice (Melanie Lynskey). She knows a good witch, Adelaide of the Pasture, who can help Wirt and Greg return home, but she has some ulterior motives, too. Other characters the duo meet on their travels through the Unknown include the despairing Woodsman (Christopher Lloyd), who must keep a mystical lantern lit in order to preserve his daughter’s soul, the incredibly haunting Auntie Whispers (Tim Curry), and Greg’s music-loving frog companion, Jason Funderberker (Jack Jones). Ultimately, Over the Garden Wall‘s story and true meaning are purposefully ambiguous, making it well-suited to multiple viewings.

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Over The Garden Wall Streams On Hulu

Pottsfield denizen in Over the Garden Wall

Even though Max is supposed to be the go-to streaming platform for Cartoon Network’s offerings, the service has pulled Over the Garden Wall. However, the streamer has been allowing competitors to acquire streaming rights to some of its most popular series, including HBO hits like Ballers and Insecure, which landed on Netflix in mid-2023. Over the Garden Wall, which is one of the best Cartoon Network original shows, is another title loaned out to another streamer: the Disney-owned Hulu.

The fan-favorite miniseries landed on Hulu on September 1, 2023, so subscribing is the most straightforward means of accessing it. Hulu’s ad-supported plan runs users $7.99 per month, or $79.99 per year, while the ad-free tier costs $17.99 per month. Since Hulu’s parent company owns several streaming platforms, users can also opt into bundle packages that include a mix of Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+, with bundle costs running between $76.99 to $89.99 per month. For viewers who are looking to do more than just stream Over the Garden Wall and other entries in Hulu’s library, the streamer also offers a Live TV feature for an additional cost.

Where To Rent & Buy Over The Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall Pottsfield episode with Wirt, Greg and Beatrice

While streaming Over the Garden Wall on Hulu is likely the easiest option for most viewers, it isn’t the only way to watch the miniseries. Unlike other TV shows or movies, streaming access to the Over the Garden Wall series is a bit more limited. In fact, there aren’t any platforms that offer the ability to rent episodes. If would-be viewers aren’t interested in subscribing to Hulu, they’ll need to purchase the individual episodes — or the entire 10-episode season — from one of three platforms. Currently, Over the Garden Wall can be bought from the following services:

  • Amazon’s Prime Video: $2.99 per episode; $9.59 for the season.
  • Google Play Store: $6.99 for the season (purchase by season only).
  • Microsoft Store: $2.99 per episode; $9.99 for the season.

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