Where To Find Thrumbo In Baldur’s Gate 3

In Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3, players may be tasked with tracking down Thrumbo the zombie as part of a side quest. The wayward Thrumbo was once the servant to Mystic Carrion, a cruel necromancer who inhabits Philgrave’s Mansion in the southern part of the Lower City. Although it’s easy to find Thrumbo, completing his side quest is more difficult.



To start the quest to find Thrumbo, players will need to speak to Mystic Carrion in the Lower City region of Baldur’s Gate. He can be found at Philgrave’s Mansion, on the coast south of Sorcerous Sundries and the Heapside Strand fast travel sigil. Facing south, you’ll need to head round to the right side of the Mansion. With a successful Perception check, your party should spot a secret door that leads to Mystic Carrion’s home.

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How To Find Thrumbo In Baldur’s Gate 3

By speaking to Mystic Carrion, players can offer their services, and he’ll ask for help to find Thrumbo. The necromancer will suggest tracking down some of Thrumbo’s fellow servants and getting his location from them.

However, you can skip this step. Thrumbo is actually very close by, and you can find him in a small house further along the coast, to the northeast.

Baldur's Gate 3 Player Interacting With Wardrobe To Find Thrumbo

Interact with the wardrobe by the door and Thrumbo will stumble out of his hiding spot. You can kill him straight away as Mystic Carrion requested, or you can hear him out to start a different side quest.

How To Help Thrumbo In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Player Speaking To Thrumbo The Zombie About Mystic Carrion

Thrumbo will tell you that Mystic Carrion is an immortal mummy lord that killed him and his friends, only to resurrect them as his undead servants. At this point, you can choose to help Thrumbo and kill Mystic Carrion. This is easily the best decision you can make for this quest, as you’ll get significantly more XP and a few items you wouldn’t get if you simply follow the necromancer’s orders.

Thrumbo explains that Mystic Carrion can resurrect himself, so you’ll need to find and destroy his Heart before confronting him. It’s worth noting that there are actually four organs that you can find and destroy to make the final battle much easier:




Mystic Carrion’s Lungs

In a jar in a side room of the Mortuary Cellar. You can find the Mortuary in the Lower City Graveyard north of the city, near the Forge of the Nine.

Mystic Carrion’s Liver

In a jar inside a locked chest in the Ancient Lair. Head to the Lower City Sewers and travel west from the Undercity Ruins fast travel sigil to find the Lair.

Mystic Carrion’s Brain

In a jar on a table in the Ancient Lair. You can find this jar in the same room as the Liver.

Baldur's Gate 3 Party Preparing To Battle Ancient Servants, Zombies And Crawling Claws In Mystic Carrion's Ancient Lair

Accessing the Ancient Lair isn’t too tricky, but the room containing the organs is located behind a hidden door. Passing the Perception check and opening it will trigger a tough combat encounter with several Ancient Servants, Zombies, and Crawling Claws.

Destroying each organ jar triggers an explosion, so try and destroy them from a safe distance.

In the same room, you can also read Funerary Jar Form and Function, a text that hints at the location of Mystic Carrion’s Heart. It’s actually inside Thrumbo himself, although Thrumbo is unaware of it. You can head back to Thrumbo to get him to cough it up.

With the organs destroyed, you can battle Mystic Carrion, help Thrumbo, and complete this Baldur’s Gate 3 side quest.

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