When Is It Coming Out?

Fans of Tom Hardy have been eagerly awaiting the Havoc release date. This upcoming Netflix film is directed by Gareth Evans, best known for his work on The Raid martial arts films.

Here’s all the Havoc release date information we know so far and all the details on when it is coming out.

Is there a Havoc release date?

At the time of writing, Havoc does not have a release date. However, the film could come out by late 2023 or early-mid 2024.

The late 2023 and early-mid 2024 speculated release dates are because the film has been completed and likely because plans to release it earlier were derailed by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. However, it will be difficult to pinpoint an exact release date until we get to see a trailer for the film, which will give some idea as to when one can expect the film on Netflix.

These release timeframes are an estimation based on the information we have at the time of this writing.

Havoc will focus on a detective named Walker, who is forced to navigate the criminal underworld to rescue a politician’s son. While on the mission, Walker unearths a deep web of corruption and conspiracy that threatens his city.

Havoc’s cast includes Tom Hardy (Venom), Forest Whitaker (Black Panther), Timothy Olyphant (Justified: City Primeval), Justin Cornwell (Training Day), Jessie Mei Li (Shadow and Bone), Yann Yann Yeo (American Born Chinese), Luis Guzman (Carlito’s Way), Sunny Pang (The Night Comes For Us), and Michelle Waterson-Gomez (Fright Night), among other cast members. Gareth Evans is the director and screenwriter of Havoc.

Where is Havoc coming out?

Havoc is anticipated to come out on Netflix sometime in late 2023 or early 2024.

The official synopsis for Havoc reads:

“After a drug deal gone wrong, a bruised detective must fight his way through a criminal underworld to rescue a politician’s estranged son while unraveling a deep web of corruption and conspiracy that ensnares his entire city.”

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