When Fortnite Chapter 1’s Release Date Is (2023)


  • Fortnite Chapter 1 will be released in November.
  • The return to the original island after six years is meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia.
  • The Chapter 1 season will still retain its modern gameplay and visuals.



Following a series of leaks, some correct and some inaccurate, the release date for Fortnite’s Chapter 1 has finally been revealed. The new coming season will take players back to the battle royale’s origins, as the original map will be making its long-awaited return. The idea is to allow for a deep dive down memory lane, but there are many modern gameplay features that will not be changing at all.

A fair portion of the information had already been leaked by several sources ahead of the official announcement, but there was much that was wrong about the leaks. Nevertheless, developer and publisher Epic Games has now officially confirmed the release date for Chapter 1 in Fortnite and simultaneously debunked some of the inaccurate leaks.

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When Fortnite Chapter 1 Arrives

Fortnite October 2023 Crew Pack Fae Infiltrator Loading Screen Featuring Six Shimmerdusk Variants Holding Weapons

The release date for Chapter 1 in Fortnite was shared by a post on the official Fortnite page account on X. The post says that the new content will arrive on November 3, 2023. The release date is accompanied by the information that players will be able to sprint and mantle during the season, which debunks some of the previous rumors and leaks that mentioned that classic gameplay restrictions would be making a return as well. The post on X also features a special image, highlighting the battle bus and the official release date of the next season of the battle royale.

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Chapter 1 In Fortnite Moves On Nostalgia (But Retains Modern Gameplay)

Wildguard Relik In Fortnite

The introduction of Chapter 1 in Fortnite is a way of pushing the game into a nostalgia-fueled adventure, as the main feature for the season seems to be the return of the very first map. Fortnite saw its initial ascent in popularity with its very release back in 2017, especially after coming as a F2P (free-to-play) alternative to PUBG. Before adopting the new model based on seasons, the game by Epic kept its original map intact for a long time, leaving a mark on players. It seems like the return to the original island after six years will be a major selling point for the upcoming season.

Even so, the game will not regress in terms of gameplay or visuals. Fortnite saw a change in its engine, which allowed it to have improved graphics and performance – this will not be set back by the return of the original island – instead, the classic map should be updated to modern standards. Additionally, players will also be able to sprint, mantle, and slide ostensively in Fortnite, which indicates that most of the current gameplay mechanics will also be retained. Fortnite’s Chapter 1 should last a few months, as the average season tends to be around 70 to 80 days long.

Source: X/FortniteGame

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