What’s Day Chaser? (& Other Products Created By Southern Charm Cast Members)


  • Southern Charm’s cast has become entrepreneurs, creating their own brands and promoting products.
  • Viewers have had the chance to get to know the cast through social media, seeing the content they share personally.
  • Cast members like Taylor, Austen, and Craig have pursued their passions, working for or creating their own beverage and fashion brands.



Southern Charm‘s cast has long been in the business of promoting products, but many of them have also moved into entrepreneurial roles of their own and created brands for themselves. With Southern Charm originally airing in 2014, the series has been on for nearly a decade and created some memorable names out of its rotating cast of Charmers. The series revolves around a cast of characters living in Charleston, South Carolina and doing their best to stay drama-free in a world of incredibly dramatic people. Currently, Southern Charm season 9 is airing and bringing the cast to the forefront when it comes to promoting products and sharing what they’re doing.

While there are several cast members who left Southern Charm over the years, the majority of the show’s current cast has been around for several seasons, giving viewers the opportunity to get to know them both on the show and off. With social media dominating the reality TV landscape, viewers have had the chance to get to know the Southern Charm stars on their own, getting to know the type of content they share personally. Many Southern Charm stars, like Taylor Ann Green, have had the opportunity to show off what they’ve been doing both on and off the show.

Day Chaser Is A New Cocktail Brand Taylor Works For

As one of the more recent cast members on Southern Charm, Taylor has been more heavily featured throughout the most recent season. Her screen time this season has been in part due to her breakup with Shep Rose and hookup with their close friend Austen Kroll, but in part due to her work with Day Chaser. Though Taylor doesn’t own Day Chaser, she works as a representative for the brand and advertises it frequently on her social media. Day Chaser, a canned cocktail beverage brand, has even been featured on Southern Charm in recent episodes.

Austen Kroll Has His Own Line Of Beer

Austen Kroll Southern Charm Season 9

Austen, who has been on the series since Southern Charm season 4, has been a favorite for viewers since his debut on the show. He’s owned his own brewing company, Kings Calling Brewing Co., since 2018. The company distributes Austen’s own Trop Hop Beers, a line of 3 different beers that he’s been involved in creating. Though the distribution is mostly done in South Carolina, Austen’s line of beers has been a huge point of pride and has brought some Southern Charm fans down to meet the Charmer and try his beers. The Southern Charm star has been the face of his brand since the very beginning.

Craig Conover Has His Pillow Line Sewing Down South

Craig Conover laughing in Southern Charm

Craig Conover has been a staple on Southern Charm since the very beginning, and throughout his time on the series he’s gone through some massive changes in his personality. During his time on Southern Charm, Craig became more comfortable sharing his true self with viewers and spoke openly about his love for sewing. After his breakup with Naomi Olindo, Craig opened a brick and mortar store for his brand, Sewing Down South, on the popular King’s Street in Charleston, re-igniting his love for sewing and sharing his patterns with the world. The Southern Charm star brought his passion to the public.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.

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