What We Know About Jenelle Evans’ 3 Kids


  • Jenelle Evans became a reality TV star on Teen Mom at a young age when she had her son, Jace Vahn, at 17 and gave custody to her mother.
  • Her second son, Kaiser Orion, was born in 2014 and she shares custody with her former boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, due to his history of domestic violence.
  • Jenelle’s third child, Ensley Jolie, was born in 2017 and she temporarily lost custody after her husband shot their family dog, but regained custody later.



Jenelle Evans and her three kids had an interesting journey on Teen Mom. The 31-year-old Oak Island native became popular when she joined MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. She was in her senior year and expecting her first baby with her former high school boyfriend, Andrew Lewis. Jenelle debuted on Teen Mom in 2011, showcasing the struggles of motherhood as a teenager. Jenelle was inadequate to raise her child then, so she signed the custody papers and gave her son, Jace Vahn, to her mother, Barbara Evans.

Jenelle had a challenging time on Teen Mom as she tried to work through her educational, personal, and professional goals while dealing with her baby and relationships. She met different men throughout the years and had two more babies, Kaiser Orion and Ensley Jolie. Things got much better for Jenelle in her later years after she entered a stable relationship with David Eason. However, her marital stability dwindled in 2019 after his actions got Jenelle fired from Teen Mom. Following that, she lost custody of her kids but later reclaimed them all.

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Jace Vahn

Jenelle welcomed her son, Jace Vahn, when she was 17 years old. Her first pregnancy was the primary reason she became famous as a reality TV star at such a young age. Jenelle had her son with her high school boyfriend, Andrew, but they were too young to be parents. As expected, Andrew was never in Jace’s life soon after Jenlle gave birth. He let Jenelle handle all the pressure, which led her to give her son’s custody to her mother.

Jace was born on August 2, 2009, and is currently 14 years old. Jenelle loves her son, but her young age stopped her from taking care of him full-time. As a result, she had to face many issues in getting her son’s custody back from her mother. Thankfully, things improved in 2023 when Barbara finally let Jenelle reclaim her son. The young mom signed the papers in March and legally got her son back. In August, Jace turned 14 and already looked taller than his mom.

Kaiser Orion

Jenelle’s second son, Kaiser Orion Griffith, came into this world in 2014. She shares her younger son with her former boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. According to The Things, she first met her ex in 2013 after her split from Courtland. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t go well after Nathan was arrested for domestic violence in 2015. Nathan has been in trouble with the law for years. Therefore, he doesn’t hold primary custody over Kaiser. Instead, he can only meet him every other weekend, which is probably best for the little boy.

Kaiser is only nine years old as of 2023. He celebrates his birthday on June 30. Jenelle has opened up about Kaiser’s birth, revealing that he was her toughest birth. She previously shared that her second delivery was the worst pain of her life because the epidural didn’t work. The mom of three loves sharing her adventures with Kaiser, who seems to love being outdoors. In April, Jenelle posted a photo album showing how her younger son was excited to celebrate Easter. Most Teen Mom fans feel Kaiser looks a lot like her mom.

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Ensley Jolie

Teen Mom- Jenelle Evans Kids Montage

Jenelle had numerous failed relationships over the years. However, her latest marriage with David somehow worked well despite the issues. She welcomed her third child, Ensley Jolie Eason, with her current husband. Jenelle’s daughter came into this world in 2017 and brought a lot of happiness into her life. Unfortunately, things worsened in 2019 after her pet, Nugget, bit her child’ face. The incident angered David, who shot the family dog, leading to Jenelle’s firing from Teen Mom. The reality TV star lost custody of Ensley Jolie following the tragedy but regained it afterward.

Ensley’s birthday falls on January 24. She is six years old as of 2023 and seems to be the most fun-loving little girl. Jenelle dedicated a post to her daughter earlier this year and talked about her personality. She wrote, “you’re the most sweetest and caring little girl I know,” adding that her daughter has a lot of love for her mom, dad, and siblings. Ensley looks exactly like her mom, from her facial features to her hair. She received a health award from her school earlier this year and graduated from kindergarten in May. Jenelle may have been fired from Teen Mom, but she’s still one of the most talked-about reality TV moms.

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