What Happened To Natasha Webb From Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7


  • Natasha Webb, a standout cast member in Below Deck Mediterranean season 7, had a controversial relationship with chef Dave White during the show.
  • Despite the drama, Natasha chose not to attend the season 7 reunion and instead sent a written statement explaining her decision.
  • Natasha has moved on from the show and is currently dating musician Max Landry, celebrating their one-year anniversary in July 2023.



Natasha Webb was one of the standout cast members in Below Deck Mediterranean season 7, and it’s time to explore what she’s been up to since. The new chief stew replaced Katie Flood from Below Deck Med season 6, who left the franchise and didn’t return for the new season. Although Natasha joined several other new cast members like bosun Storm Smith, she left Below Deck Med season 7 as one of the most controversial cast members of the season.

Natasha became interesting when she started a romantic relationship with chef Dave White. Although she kept downplaying their chemistry, Dave later revealed in a confessional that the duo had been romantically involved during a previous charter before reuniting on Below Deck Med. However, Natasha and Dave’s attempts to reignite their romance during the season didn’t go as planned; the duo had to switch cabins and try their best to get through the season without causing any more drama. Despite the disappointment of Below Deck Med season 7, Natasha was one of the stand-out characters from the season.

Natasha Webb Skipped The Below Deck Med Season 7 Reunion

Natasha Webb

Natasha was a polarizing figure throughout Below Deck Med season 7 due to her relationship with chef Dave White. Still, everyone expected her to appear for the reunion and explain her part in the relationship. However, Natasha disappointed fans of the franchise when she decided not to attend the reunion. Instead, host Andy Cohen had to read a written statement from Natasha, where she explained she chose not to speak her truth because her mum always told her, “If you have something bad to say about someone, don’t say it at all.”

Natasha Webb Has A New Boyfriend

Even though the Below Deck Med crew generally loved Natasha, her messy relationship with Chef Dave overshadowed her time on Below Deck Med. The chief stew even got criticized by fans and Below Deck Med alum Hannah Ferrier, who called Natasha boring. However, since the season finale, Natasha has found love again, and the chief stew is dating musician Max Landry. The lovebirds reportedly met in Los Angeles after Below Deck Med season 7 finished filming. Natasha and Max celebrated their one-year anniversary in July 2023.

Natasha has been quite vocal about her relationship with Max and even regularly comments on his Instagram posts. While it’s possible she could return, Natasha isn’t featured on Below Deck Mediterranean season 8, so it would have to be next season if she returns. Hopefully, she has found her happiness with Max regardless.

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