What Happened To Madison LeCroy’s Son Hudson? (And How’s He’s Doing Now)


  • Madison LeCroy’s son Hudson was involved in a fight and was bitten, causing distress for both of them.
  • Madison displayed her strong protective instincts as a mother, offering to confront the child who hurt her son.
  • Despite her tough exterior, Madison was visibly distraught by the situation, highlighting the challenges and rewards of parenthood.



On last night’s brand-new episode of Southern Charm, it was revealed that Madison LeCroy’s son Hudson was bitten during a fight, and she wasn’t too pleased about it. Hudson’s fight came off the heels of another heart-breaking episode, which confirmed Olivia Flowers’s brother Connor had passed away. The viewers found out about the passing of her brother while co-stars Venetia Aspen and Leva Bonaparte were waiting for Olivia to meet them for dinner. Leva had been trying to get a hold of Olivia all day, and when she finally got a call from their friend and co-star, Taylor Ann Green, they realized Olivia had other issues to deal with.

Southern Charm season 9 has put viewers through quite a whirlwind of emotions. The season started off with two fresh breakups (Olivia and Austen Kroll and Shep Rose and Taylor) and one of its main cast members experienced an unexpected death in their family. Even though the season isn’t even halfway through, Southern Charm has already shown that it has so much heart. From the cast comforting and stepping up for Olivia during her time of need to Madison being there for her son, Southern Charm season 9 is shaping up to be the best season in years.

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Hudson Was In A Fight & Was Bitten

Brett, Madison, Hudson from Southern Charm

During last night’s new episode of Southern Charm season 9, Madison was at home with her husband, Brett Randle, cooking dinner when her son Hudson walked through the door visibly upset. Like any concerned mother, Madison immediately ran to Hudson, asking him what was wrong. He told her that he got into a fight with another kid and that this kid had bitten him. Hudson was covered in bite marks with dirt all over his knees, likely caused by fighting outside. Madison, like the protective mother she is, asked Hudson, “Do you want me to go kick his a***? I will, I’ll tear him up.

After this funny yet sweet moment between the two, they took Hudson to the kitchen to clean him up. Hudson went over the scene of events, which only made the 33-year-old even more angry. Luckily, it sounded like another mother saw what was happening and ended the fight between Hudson and the other kid. It was evident that Madison was trying to keep her emotions in check for her son, and simply wanted to focus on making sure he was okay and not how made she was.

Madison Was Visibly Distraught By The Situation

As soon as Hudson told his mom about his fight, Madison did everything she could to hold back her tears. Despite her best efforts, Madison was visibly distraught by the whole situation. After she and Hudson talked about the fight, he went upstairs to clean up with Brett. As they left, Madison broke down crying in her kitchen. They then shoot to one of Madison’s confessionals, where she explains that being a parent is one of the “hardest and most rewarding things” she’s ever done in her life. Seeing her son in any kind of pain hurts Madison just as much, if not more.

Southern Charm has seen the ups and downs of motherhood and how difficult it can be. Like Madison, her former co-star Kathryn Dennis went through several issues as a mother. She lost custody of them many times due to their father, Thomas Ravenel, who claimed Kathryn was an unfit mother. She went on a downward spiral due to Thomas repeatedly taking her kids away from her. Like Madison, Kathryn was always fiercely protective of her two kids, even when she wasn’t around them all the time. And like it was shown in last night’s episode, Madison was protective of Hudson as she was ready to fight the kid who hurt her son.

How Is Hudson Doing Now Post-Flight?

When Hudson’s fight took place in real-time, Madison didn’t post anything on her Instagram feed until after Thursday’s episode aired. However, it seems like Hudson is doing just fine. When Hudson first walked into the house, he was clearly in distress, but with his mom and stepdad by his side, Hudson was able to heal from his injuries quite quickly. Madison made no mention of anything serious regarding Hudson, so he’s likely doing much better now. However, Madison is still protective of her son. She shared a photo on Instagram of herself and Hudson throwing up peace signs with the caption, “You Fk with him, you fk with me!

Madison made it known that she is the fiercely protective mom she has shown before on Southern Charm. When Madison was dating Austen, she would also put her son before their relationship. That’s a huge part of being a protective mom, putting your child before other people in one’s life. Madison has clearly been through a lot as a single mother, and that is evident in the way she is there for Hudson no matter what. Nonetheless, Madison is just happy her son is on the mend after his fight.

While Hudson’s fight was a surprising part of the Southern Charm episode, it got a lot of people talking online. Many fans went to Madison’s social media, applauding her for how she comforted her son. Hudson also received a lot of praise for how he handled the situation; viewers were also worried, but they hope he is doing better. What he went through can be a traumatizing experience, but it seems Madison and Brett were able to help him through it.

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