Undead Unluck Episode 3 Preview

One of the ongoing well-received anime this season is Undead Unluck. The series has garnered positive response and attention since it was announced. The first episode was an absolute blast, followed by the second, which portrayed stellar action sequences and animation. Now, with the third episode just around the corner, fans are curious to know how the story will unfold. Moreover, the trailer of episode 3, which features epic action scenes, has largely contributed to building the hype within the fandom.

Undead Unluck episode 3 release date & time

Undead Unluck released its previous episodes exclusively on Hulu. Viewers can use the app or can directly watch it from the website. Considering no unforeseen delays, the third episode should debut on Friday, October 20, at 11 a.m. PST (Pacific Standard Time) and 2 p.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time) in the United States and at 7 p.m. BST (British Summer Time) in the United Kingdom.

Undead Unluck episode 2: What happened at the end?

Photo Credit: David Production

Episode 2 of Undead Unluck was titled “Union.” The first episode ended abruptly, with Andy trying to convince Fuko to sleep with him so he could die by getting too much Unluck. Andy dropped the plan when Fuko explained that her power depended on how much affection she had for someone. Andy shifted his focus to prepare Fuko for the arrival of the Union, which was a secret organization. Two negators from the Union, Void and Shen, arrived to arrest them, forcing Andy to fight against both of them.

Fuko and Andy learned during the fight that the Union wouldn’t apprehend them if they joined their ranks. Andy defeated Void, but Shen’s abilities overwhelmed him. However, the latter apparently got fond of them both and decided to send Andy and Fuko to Russia to try and kill another Union member.

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