The Top 100 Companies in the Streaming Media Universe

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The Streaming Media 100 is back—welcome once again to Streaming Media’s annual list that foregrounds the industry’s most innovative and influential technology suppliers, service providers, platforms, and media and content companies, as acclaimed by our editorial team. Some are large and established industry standard-bearers, while others are comparably small and relatively new arrivals that are just beginning to make a splash. All set themselves apart from the crowd with their innovative approach and their contribution to the expansion and maturation of the streaming media universe.

In past years, we’ve focused exclusively on technology vendors, rather than content companies. This list has traditionally been entirely about recognizing the companies that enable video services to deliver great content to consumers reliably at the highest possible quality on every device and hopefully to make money from it.

Back in 2018—a pre-pandemic previous lifetime for most of this industry—we narrowed the list to 50 worthy honorees drawn entirely from the ranks of companies supplying products and services on the technological side of the aisle. But when we speak of the streaming media universe (it’s not quite a multiverse yet for most of us, but it’s getting there), content companies inevitably come into play. Is there really a streaming universe without Netflix, Warner Bros. Discovery, Apple, Amazon, Disney, Paramount, NBCUniversal, or the dozens or hundreds of next-tier, independent, and niche platform and channel suppliers that flood that universe with the content that all of the tech companies combine to ingest and transcode and monitor and secure and support and deliver at innumerable stages of the journey from source to destination? The picture is, arguably, far from complete without including the providers of the content that fills our screens.

So we’ve expanded the list back to 100 to include two dozen or so companies from the content side of the equation (recognizing the best of the best from the elephants in the room almost down to the roaring mice that are giving them a good scare) and to make extra room for a number of great tech innovators that got squeezed out when the list was scaled down to 50 (including, of course, quite a few innovative up-and-corners that hadn’t appeared on the scene or shown up on our radar the last time we published a triple-digit list). A lot of more-than-worthy companies have failed to make the list in recent years as we trimmed it to a lean and mean 50, and this year’s re-expansion gives us a chance to recognize a number of deserving honorees that might have just missed the cut in recent lists.

Once again, this year, we largely excluded the video production segment of the market (with the exception of a few companies whose technology innovations transcend the product-specific and wield their influence in the broader streaming scene), the one covered by Streaming Media Producer, with an eye to giving that genre its own list. Look for the 2024 Streaming Producer 25 to make its triumphant return next spring.

Also, the Streaming Media 100 focuses exclusively on companies with headquarters in North America. In March of this year, we published a similar list, the Streaming Media Europe 51 (, focusing on companies with headquarters in Europe. Of course, some companies have headquarters in both the U.S. and abroad; in those cases, we ask the company (or they forthrightly tell us) which list they want to be considered for.

So how do we arrive at the list? We invite members of the magazine’s editorial inner circle to look at a master list of all of the vendors in the online video marketplace and assess their importance in the industry. We pool and average out the results, and the top 100 make the list.

Without further ado, here’s the 2023 Streaming Media 100. Congratulations to all.


Chief Officer: Tony Zhao, Co-Founder and CEO

More about Agora


Chief Officer: Randy Bapst, CEO


Chief Officer: Tony Abrahams, Co-Founder, Director, and CEO


Chief Officer: Frank Thomson Leighton, Co-Founder and CEO


Chief Officer: Baskar Subramanian, Co-Founder & CEO


Chief Officer: Andy Jassy, CEO


Chief Officer: Lisa Su, CEO


Chief Officer: Tim Cook, CEO


Chief Officer: Jonathan Laor, CEO and Co-Founder


Chief Officer: Dan Goman, Founder and CEO

More about Ateliere


Chief Officer: Ben Kaplan, CEO


Chief Officer: Steve Petilli, CEO

More about Bitcentral


Chief Officer: Stefan Lederer, Co-Founder and CEO

More about Bitmovin


Chief Officer: Marc DeBevoise, CEO


Chief Officer: Christopher Levy, CEO


Chief Officer: Govinda Sunil, CEO

More about Castr


Chief Officer: Tom Ryan, CEO

Comcast Technology Solutions

Chief Officer: Ken Klaer, President


Chief Officer: Keith Zubchevich, President and CEO


Chief Officer: Philippe Guelton, Chief Revenue Officer


Chief Officer: Diane Strutner, CEO and Founder

Digital Element

Chief Officer: Rob Friedman, Co-Founder, Vice Chairman, and EVP

Disney Streaming

Chief Officer: Robert Iger, CEO

Dolby Laboratories

Chief Officer: Kevin Yeaman, President and CEO


Chief Officer: Sushil Prabhu. Chairman and CEO


Chief Officer: Robert Sha, CEO

More about EdgeNext


Chief Officer: Bob Lyons, CEO


Chief Officer: Michelle Munson, CEO and Founder

Endeavor Streaming

Chief Officer: Fred Santarpia, President


Chief Officer: Vijay Sajja, Founder and CEO


Chief Officer: Olga Kornienko, Co-Founder and COO

More about EZDRM

EZDRM: A View from the Top

Chief Officer: Russell Foy, CEO

More about


Chief Officer: Todd Nightingale, CEO

Float Left

Chief Officer: Tom Schaeffer, CEO


Chief Officer: Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer, U.S.


Chief Officer: Blair Harrison, CEO


Chief Officer: David Gandler, Co-Founder and CEO

Furtree Systems

Chief Officer: Yury Udovichenko, Co-Founder


Chief Officer: Sundar Pichai, CEO

Gracenote—A Nielsen Company


Chief Officer: Miroslav Wicha, President, CEO, and Chairman

More about Haivision


Chief Officer: Patrick Harshman, President and CEO

More about Harmonic

IBM Weather Company

Chief Officer: Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO


Chief Officer: Adrian Roe, CEO

More about id3as

Interra Systems

Chief Officer: Sunil Jain, President and CEO

More about Interra Systems

JW Player

Chief Officer: Dave Otten, Co-Founder and CEO


Chief Officer: Ron Yekutiel, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO

LG Ad Solutions

Chief Officer: Michael Hudes, President and CEO


Chief Officer: Chris Kibarian, CEO

More about Lightcast


Chief Officer: Shmulik Wasserman, Co-Founder and CEO

More about LiveU

Lumen Technologies

Chief Officer: Kate Johnson, President and CEO

LTN Global

Chief Officer: Yousef Javadi, President, CEO, and Co-Founder

More about LTN Global


Chief Officer: Michael Barrett, President and CEO


Chief Officer: Allen Broome, CEO


Chief Officer: Kumar Subramanian, CEO


Chief Officer: Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, Chairman, and CEO


Chief Officer: Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO

More about Microsoft


Chief Officer: Anshuman Das, Founder and CEO


Chief Officer: Jon Dahl, Co-Founder and CEO


Chief Officer: Thomas H. Link, Founder and CEO


Chief Officer: Frances Berwick, Chairman


Chief Officer: Greg Peters, CEO


Chief Officer: Joshua Zhu, CEO

More about NETINT


Chief Officer: James Ahn, CEO

More about PallyCon


Chief Officer: Jason Beem, CEO


Chief Officer: Michael Willner, CEO and Chairman

Phenix Real Time Solutions

Chief Officer: Roy Reichbach, CEO

More about Phenix Real Time Solutions


Chief Officer: Andrew McCollum, CEO


Chief Officer: Keith Valory, CEO


Chief Officer: André Christensen, CEO

More about Quickplay


Chief Officer: Alon Maor, CEO


Chief Officer: Dan Burkhart, CEO and Co-Founder


Chief Officer: Damian Pelliccione, Co-Founder and CEO


Chief Officer: Anthony Wood, Founder and CEO

Samba TV

Chief Officer: Ashwin Navin, Co-Founder and CEO

Scripps Networks

Chief Officer: Adam Symson, President and CEO


Chief Officer: Margaret Craig, CEO

More about Signiant

Chief Officer: Frost Prioleau, Co-Founder and CEO

Sling TV

Chief Officer: W. Erik Carlson, President and CEO


Chief Officer: Abdul Rehman, CEO and Co-Founder

More about SSIMWAVE


Chief Officer: Jeffrey A. Hirsch, President and CEO


Chief Officer: Sanjay Dhawan, CEO

TAG Video Systems

Chief Officer: Tomer Schechter, CEO

More about TAG Video Systems


Chief Officer: Rhonda Bassett-Spiers, CEO

More about Telestream


Chief Officer: Shou Zi Chew, CEO

Trusted Media Brands (TMB)

Chief Officer: Bonnie Kintzer, President and CEO


Chief Officer: Anjali Sud, CEO


Chief Officer: George Bokuchava, CEO


Chief Officer: Eyal Menin, CEO

More about Videolinq


Chief Officer: Ted Leonsis, Founder and Chairman


Chief Officer: Adam Gross, Interim CEO


Chief Officer: Michael Hallén, CEO

Warner Bros. Discovery

Chief Officer: David Zaslav, CEO and President

Whip Media

Chief Officer: Carol Hanley, CEO

Wowza Media Systems

Chief Officer: David Stubenvoll, CEO

More about Wowza

Wowza: A View from the Top


Chief Officer: Ron Gutman, CEO


Chief Officer: Colin Petrie-Norris, CEO


Chief Officer: Joe Zhu, Founder and CEO


Chief Officer: Gordon Brooks, Executive Chairman and CEO

More about Zixi

Zixi: A View from the Top


Chief Officer: Eric Yuan, CEO

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