The Ones Who Live Hints At A Dark Rick Grimes Return


  • The teaser shot from The Walking Dead spinoff hints at a darker Rick Grimes, with blood on his face and a sinister expression, suggesting a transition into a darker mindset.
  • Rick’s potential rogue behavior in the spinoff could be driven by his desperate desire to return home to his family and friends after being captured by the CRM.
  • The upcoming spinoff may feature additional threats, such as more zombie variants or brutal scenes with the CRM, that push Rick to embrace his dark side once again.



A teaser shot from The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live could hint at a dark Rick Grimes return in his upcoming spinoff. The Ones Who Live hasn’t provided much in terms of the narrative and how Rick and Michonne’s spinoff storylines come together, but the previews do show various action shots of these characters, including subtle hints of their current state of mind. Audiences know that Rick has been captured by the CRM and is trying to escape, with possible plot points that expand on zombie variants and reveal more about their gruesome experiments. These potential storylines could birth an even darker Rick, as shown in the quick shots of the titular character.

Rick Grimes has revealed his dark side throughout The Walking Dead‘s timeline, from chopping up a cannibal leader with a machete to biting a chunk out of someone’s neck out of pure rage. His progression in The Walking Dead will most likely continue in his spinoff to give audiences a taste of apocalypse nostalgia. Although it will not take long before the new Walking Dead spinoff debuts in February 2024, there is time for dissecting theories and one of them revolves around Rick going completely rogue. One shot in the teaser trailer is similar to a dark scene from the main show, suggesting Rick’s classic rage will make an appearance.

Rick’s Teaser Shot From The Ones Who Live Resembles A Dark Walking Dead Scene

Rick Grimes with blood on his face sitting against a wall

The teaser reveals more subtle details about Rick and Michonne’s narrative, but one shot already hints at what could be in store for Rick Grimes. It shows Rick sitting against a wall with blood on his face, clearly looking disheveled and somewhat annoyed with a sinister expression. Audiences might remember a similar shot from The Walking Dead season 4 finale when Rick was sitting against a car, his mouth covered with blood after biting someone’s neck. In this finale, some moments amplified Rick’s inner rage, including a gang who tried to rob him and Michonne while attacking Carl.

Both shots are basically the same and may not be a coincidence upon seeing the spinoff teaser. Rick Grimes being covered in blood is never a good sign, but his sitting still almost represents his transition into a darker mindset, especially after committing a terrible crime. What that crime might be is unknown, although there’s a high chance he gets into trouble with superiors in the CRM. It’s clear that Rick Grimes is still The Walking Dead’s true main character, and seeing him go rogue without a second thought would be fitting for his spinoff with Michonne.

Why Rick Grimes Could Go Rogue When He Returns

Bloody Rick Grimes holding a gun on The Walking Dead

Audiences know from previews that Rick Grimes has been trying to escape from the CRM for years and is probably desperate to return home to his family and friends. In season 9, Rick is believed to be dead when he blows up a bridge to stop a horde of walkers, but the finale shows Jadis picking him up in a helicopter and taking him to the CRM. This much is a known fact, which could explain his reasoning for going rogue, especially if the CRM has a plan for attacking Rick’s group and keeping him for possible experimentation.

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Regardless, there are many reasons why Rick could go rogue in his upcoming spinoff. Being exhausted, desperate, and scared are a few common reasons, but it’s possible that he and Michonne face other threats that endanger their mission to return home. Whether it be more zombie variants, brutal scenes with the CRM, or potential character deaths, Rick has the right to unleash his dark side once again. For now, audiences must wait until The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live hits the small screen to witness Rick Grimes in his darkened state of mind, which is clearly hinted at in the teaser.

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