The Bear’s Main Characters, Ranked By Likability


  • The Bear has a diverse and likable ensemble cast with well-developed characters, exploring their individual aspirations and complexities.
  • Some characters, like Claire, need more development to become as likable as the rest of the complex cast.
  • Characters like Ebraheim, Sugar, and Sydney undergo growth, becoming more likable as the audience understands and sympathizes with them.



The Bear is known for its great ensemble cast, filled with diverse and unique characters that make up the restaurant team, but some of those characters are more likable than others. The Hulu series is known for its excellent writing, which provides each character in its cast with a unique voice and distinct personality. Even the characters explored less frequently feel complex and deeply realistic. The show has no heroes and villains but rather explores a set of people who are deeply human, each with their own aspirations.

The Bear season 1 introduces the show through Carmy as he returns to Chicago to run his family’s restaurant after his older brother passes. The series introduces his family and the employees at the restaurant. By season 2, almost every character is circulating around the restaurant as they all work together, racing against the clock to open up The Bear. As each character is explored further and further, they all become more likable as the audience grows to understand and sympathize with them.

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10 Claire

Claire in the grocery store in The Bear

Introduced in The Bear season 2 as a love interest to Carmy, Claire is a charismatic woman who seems to care deeply for those she loves. While she is sweet and played excellently by Molly Gordon, the issue with Claire in The Bear season 3 is that she’s underdeveloped as an individual compared to the rest of the complex characters. Claire certainly has the potential to be one of the show’s most likable characters, but she’d have to be explored more separately from her relationship with Carmy.

9 Uncle Jimmy

Uncle Jim talking to Carmy in The Bear season 1

Uncle Jimmy is an ally to the restaurant who seems to have good intentions in mind for the family despite his occasional air of arrogance. Jimmy is a businessman who’s acquired great wealth in his life, which is something that gives him a sense of pride and superiority over others. Even still, Jimmy has his moments where he steps up to support those around him, particularly helping fund the opening of The Bear restaurant.

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8 Ebraheim

Ebraheim in The Bear

Though he took a back seat in The Bear season 2, Ebraheim is a likable and relatable character. His moments in The Bear are typically subtle, but he tends to offer great introspection as he explores his relationship with change. Ebraheim worked at The Beef for a long time, and the transition to The Bear is a great challenge for him. His resistance to change is something viewers feel a deep sympathy for, and it’s exciting to see him finding his place in the new system.

7 Sugar

Sugar in The Bear

Sugar doesn’t have much going on in the first season, but her increased involvement in the restaurant in The Bear season 2 gives a better taste of who she is. Sugar takes a strong leadership role in The Bear season 2, constantly stepping up and contributing in meaningful ways while having a ton of work on her plate. Her relationship with her mother, Donna, which is displayed in the flashback episodes, builds a ton of sympathy for the character.

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6 Tina

Tina preps the T-Bone dish in The Bear season 2

Tina is one of the least explored characters in The Bear, but in two seasons has grown into becoming the teammate everyone needs. While she isn’t immediately receptive to Carmy and the changes he plans to make in the restaurant, she certainly makes up for it in season 2. She’s cruel at first, particularly to Sydney, but she is a person who’s worried about the stability of her job after management changes. Tina becomes far more likable after she learns she can trust Sydney and becomes a dedicated and hardworking member of the restaurant.

5 Fak

Neil Fak and Carmy talking in The Bear's kitchen

Fak is primarily a comedic relief character, but he has some of the most heart-warming moments of the whole show. Fak seems like he’s always in a good mood and cares so much for everyone in the restaurant. He’s truly the type of friend everyone would love to have, with a goofy purity that makes for some of the show’s funniest moments. His banter with Richie is always hilarious, and his platonically affectionate relationship with Sugar is very wholesome.

4 Richie

Richie wears a black suit in The Bear

Richie is hard to love at first, with a tough outer shell that makes him abrasive to his co-workers despite his great comedic scenes. It’s important to note that Richie is also dealing with the loss of Mikey, an unwanted divorce from his wife, and the reality of the life he’s put together. His abrasiveness is a coping mechanism for his insecurities. Season 2 sees Richie sent to train at a different restaurant, where he discovers a new fondness for serving. With a motivational speech and some Taylor Swift, Richie seems set to uncover his heart of gold, becoming the happy character viewers want him to be.

3 Sydney

Sydney sitting at a table in The Bear

Sydney is easily one of the most relatable and enjoyable characters to watch in The Bear. Her own conflicts with loss and failure and her complicated relationship with her father put her on a similar arc to Carmy. Both are similarly consumed by their work, with Sydney, in particular, having high aspirations to grow and succeed as a chef. In two seasons, she’s demonstrated leadership skills, great passion, and a tender appreciation for those around her. Not to mention, Sydney is absolutely hilarious, with some of the best quotes in The Bear.

2 Carmy

Carmy explaining in the kitchen in The Bear.

Carmy is the show’s lead and has very relatable traits for a character who’s at the center of attention. He’s been through a ton, from his messy family and complicated relationship with his late brother, yet he still has a sense of calm and understanding as he tries to hold things together. Despite his great talent and achievement, he’s always humble and has respect for everyone around him. Even at his lowest points, Carmy has good intentions and is a character that’s easy to root for.

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1 Marcus

Marcus in The Bear

Marcus is a man who truly wants to do his part in making the world a better place, and there’s no more wholesome way to do that than by having a passion for making beautiful, sweet desserts. He may not be explored as frequently in The Bear as Carmy or Richie, but every moment with him sees him helping people or doing his best to contribute. He’s a sweet and caring person who’s truly passionate about what he does, earning the respect of everyone around him, even highly accomplished chefs like Carmy and Luca.

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