Star Trek’s New Super-Weapon Finally Fulfills the Promise of the Genesis Device


  • Star Trek #12 introduces a new weapon, the Bajoran Orb of Destruction, which has a similar energy signature to the controversial Genesis Device.
  • The Orb of Creation, crafted by the non-linear beings known as the Bajoran Prophets, improves upon the Genesis Device by bringing life in a more stable manner.
  • The Federation’s research into the Genesis Device continued in secret, leading to the creation of the Genesis II, but the potential for evil made it impractical, whereas the Bajoran Orb fulfills the promise of the Genesis Device in a better way.



Warning: Contains spoilers for Star Trek #12!Star Trek’s new super-weapon finally fulfills the promise of the Genesis Device. One of the most controversial aspects of the franchise, the Genesis Device is a destructive weapon in the galaxy, despite its benign origins and intentions. In Star Trek #12, a new and similar weapon is unleashed during the “Day of Blood,” with shocking results.

Star Trek #12 is written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly and drawn by Angel Unzueta. The Klingon Emperor Kahless has obtained the Bajoran Orb of Destruction and plans to use it to complete his god-killer array. While analyzing the Orb of Creation, Spock and Scotty realize it has the same energy signature as the Genesis Device. Harnessing the power of the Orb takes a team effort, with both crews coming together to build a device that can tap into its energies. They fire the Orb’s energies at Kahless’ headquarters. Plants and grass begin to spring up, ultimately reaching the throne room and reviving a dead Alexander, while Kahless retreats.

The Genesis Device Was Life from Death–Or Was It?

Star Trek Genesis Device Day of Blood

The Genesis Device began with the best of intentions, but left a dark legacy. First appearing in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the Genesis Device allowed its user to terraform a planet in a matter of hours, as opposed to decades. One of its designers, Doctor David Marcus, immediately saw its potential as a weapon, and his fears were realized when both Khan and the Klingon commander Kruge sought to use it against the Federation. The Genesis Device worked, but thanks to David introducing proto-matter into it, it was not stable. Eventually, the Federation shut down its research into the technology.

The Orb of Creation Improves Upon the Genesis Device

Star Trek Genesis Device Orb of Creation

The Orb of Creation shares a lot in common with the Genesis Device. Both bring life to where there was previously none, but the Orb is far more stable. This no doubt owes to it being crafted by non-linear beings far beyond our comprehension. The Bajoran Prophets have a firmer grip on the nature of space-time and this allows them to build something that will truly work. Humans, by nature of their linear existence, do not understand these concepts and lack the power as well, forcing them to take shortcuts, like using proto-matter. The Orb also revived Alexander much like Genesis brought back Spock.

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Genesis Lives On in the 24th Century

Will Riker stands by the Genesis Device in Star Trek: Picard

However, as seen in season three of Star Trek: Picard, the Federation never stopped working on the Genesis Device. When Worf raided a Section 31 facility, he saw the research had continued, resulting in the Genesis II. It was a “blink and miss it” reference, and was never talked about again. The ability to rapidly terraform a planet is an awesome one, but unfortunately the potential for evil inherent in it renders it non-practical. However, the Bajoran Orb of Creation, Star Trek’s new super weapon, fulfills the promise of the Genesis Device in a much better way.

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