Spider-Man vs Batman Action Figure Animation Is Smash Brothers Come to Life


  • Marvel’s Spider-Man and DC’s Batman trade blows in an augmented reality-like video game, showcasing impressive animation techniques.
  • Fans of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. will appreciate the thrilling fight between these iconic comic book heroes.
  • @makeitmovemedia’s 3D scanned toy figures look stunning as they engage in a high-energy battle, bringing popular comic characters to life.



Marvel’s Spider-Man and DC Comics’ Batman are iconic comic book heroes who know how to throw a punch and take a hit as the steadfast protectors of their respective cities. And in an inspired fan animation featuring the two in an augmented reality-like video game, Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne trade blows in a way that would make fans of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. proud!

Recently posted on Instagram by Make It Move Media (@makeitmovemedia), this account specializes in a unique kind of animation technique explained succinctly in their bio: “I 3D scan my action figures, then make them move!”

Taking this intriguing idea and using it to bring popular comic characters to life like Marvel’s Wolverine and Captain America, DC’s Bane and Scarecrow, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame, Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi, and many, many more, @makeitmovemedia consistently uploads clips that pit these fighters either against one another on the field of battle or in fun scenarios that show off this animation style to the fullest.

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Batman and Spider-Man Action Figures Fight in New Fan Animation

Spider-Man and Batman team-up

Two characters that have met on the page on more than one occasion thanks to official crossovers like the wild DC vs. Marvel event from the 90s and 1995’s Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds story by J. M. DeMatteis and Mark Bagley, Spider-Man and Batman are heroes who don’t have much in common outside of wanting to rid their streets of the criminal element for good. One a wise-cracking athletic nerd with arachnid-based powers, and the other a highly trained one-man army with no powers to speak of, Spidey and Bats going at it in this animation is a treat for fans who have always wanted to see them throw down for real.

Imagining Spider-Man and Batman being “maneuvered through a videogame controller or mobile app,” @makeitmovemedia’s 3D scanned toy figures look stunning as they throw haymakers and land leg shots on top of a coffee table positioned in the real world. Sitting in the background and playing with a gaming controller in a way that sells this Smash Bros.-esque clip even more, @makeitmovemedia adds health bars above each respective fighter and films the scene in a very action movie sort of way by swinging and zooming the camera around the duo as they duke it out with abandon.

Batman and Spider-Man Do Battle In Smash Bros-Like Fan Animation

Batman and Spider-Man Crossover Marvel DC

Furthermore, in Smash Bros. lore, all fighters in the game, ranging from Mario to Donkey Kong to Link to the Ice Climbers all the way down to Jigglypuff, are technically toy trophies come to life, with @makeitmovemedia deciding to turn their Marvel and DC action figures into live combatants giving fans a crossover brawl that everyone can get behind. Make It Move Media (@makeitmovemedia) is constantly improving on their animation techniques in each uploaded post, so here’s hoping Spider-Man and Batman continue to battle it out in new and exciting ways still to come!

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