Spawn Will Be the ‘Blumhouse Version of a Superhero Movie’

Blumhouse founder Jason Blum says the horror studio’s upcoming Jamie Foxx-led Spawn reboot will stand out from other superhero films.

“Yes, I’m going to bring the Blumhouse edge [to the Spawn movie],” Blum said during last week’s New York Comic Con (via Bleeding Cool News). “It’s going to be edgy and original as compared to other superhero movies. It’s gonna definitely feel like the Blumhouse version of a superhero movie.”

What do we know about the Spawn reboot?

Created by Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane, Spawn debuted in 1992. A feature film adaptation starring Michael Jai White in the eponymous role hit theaters in 1997. After talks of a sequel fizzled out, McFarlane began developing a reboot in 2007. The project went through numerous iterations before finding a home at Blumhouse in 2017. Foxx signed on to star as Spawn in 2018. Jeremy Renner was attached to co-star as Twitch Williams at one point, though it’s unclear if the Hawkeye actor is still involved in the project.

McFarlane is expected to direct the new Spawn movie himself. He also penned the first draft of the screenplay, which has since undergone a number of rewrites — most recently from Scott Silver, Malcolm Spellman, and Matthew Mixon. Earlier this month, Blum confirmed that the long-gestating reboot would finally release sometime in 2025. “2025 is when Spawn is going to come out,” the producer said while promoting The Exorcist: Believer. “I stand by that. I stand by that.”

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