Simu Liu Gives Health Update After Achilles Tendon Tear

After revealing that he tore his Achilles tendon earlier this week, Simu Liu has shared a bit of an update, showcasing him out and about with his girlfriend while wearing a boot.

Liu took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a photo of himself and his girlfriend Allison at a recent Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift Event. In the photo, Liu can be seen wearing a walking boot, with his leg lifted a bit in the air. Liu’s caption jokes that he’s still keeping weight off of it even though he’s out.

“In case my doctors are watching this, I am putting zero weight on the foot, I am balancing on my one good leg and my lovely girlfriend,” reads the caption with the story post.

Image Credit: Simu Liu

Simu Liu revealed an injury earlier this week

Earlier this week, Liu revealed that he tore his Achilles in a separate Instagram post that showcased the actor with crutches. In that post, he thanked his friends for helping to carry him around.

“Achilles tears aren’t so bad when you’ve got twenty of your best friends to carry you around,” the actor wrote. “Thanks for the ultimate friends sports weekend, I miss walking but I miss you all more!” Liu did not disclose the exact cause of his torn Achilles tendon. However, the actor’s caption implies that the injury was sports-related.

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