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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous contains multiple button puzzles with various solutions inside the Ivory Sanctum, an area that becomes available in Act 3. Cryptic notes help you complete the puzzles inside the Sanctum, but some clues can be obtuse. Regarding puzzles in the game, the Ivory Sanctum puzzles are likely some of the more complicated ones you’ll encounter.



To enter the Ivory Sanctum in Pathfinder: WotR, you must first obtain a key from the “Final Sunset of Winter” quest. Once inside, there will be a wave of enemies to defeat, along with rock traps and additional creatures that will attack if Jerribeth’s deal is turned down earlier. Three puzzles here lead to various rewards, with cryptic notes including numbers corresponding to the buttons’ shapes. The buttons are up on a nearby wall, each displaying a figure with a specific number of points.

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Ivory Sanctum Puzzle Room Map

The complete map of the Ivory Sanctum in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

To solve the Ivory Sanctum puzzles in Pathfinder: WotR, two party members must stand on pressure plates while entering the sequence solution. In addition, you will have to select bricks or buttons in a particular order to open doors to progress further. There are three puzzles to solve: one in the north room, one in the central area, and the last in the southwest room.

Ivory Sanctum Puzzle Solutions

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Ivory Sanctum Puzzle that You Interact with to Find a Solution

The first Ivory Sanctum button puzzle in Pathfinder: WotR is located in the Main Hall, a room with statues around the perimeter. A cryptic note reveals that the buttons should be pressed in the following order: triangle, hexagon, pentagon, and diamond. Entering the correct code will reveal a chest containing a Cloak and a Mask used for the “More Than Nothing” quest. Continue north to the upper part of the Sanctum to find Pathfinder: WotR’s next button puzzle.

Be careful as you explore the Ivory Sanctum, as the dangerous ruler Xanthir of the location lurks as a dangerous boss that you can fight in the area’s eastern section.

In the northern part of the map, there is a button puzzle with two solutions. The first sequence will grant you a hidden chest; press diamond, circle, triangle, then hexagon to play a short animation that shows a wall dropping to expose the container. The doors here can be opened by pressing a triangle, pentagon, diamond, and circle. If Jerribeth’s deal was turned down in Pathfinder: WotR, you must defeat her as you travel toward the last Sanctum puzzle in the southwest area.

Interested in fighting Xanthir inside Pathfinder: WotR’s Ivory Sanctum? Watch the video from Werglia on YouTube below to see just exactly what you are signing up for:

The last Ivory Sanctum puzzle code can be found in a room with multiple chests and heavy stone plates on the floor. Before entering the correct sequence in this final Ivory Sanctum puzzle, two Pathfinder: WotR party members must be standing on these pressure plates in the area. The clue is in one of the chests, revealing the final solution: circle, pentagon, hexagon, triangle.

Completing this puzzle will open the final area in the Ivory Sanctum and reward you with various loot. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has many puzzles with clever solutions, including the button puzzles in the Ivory Sanctum.

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    In this isometric RPG, the player takes on the role of the Commander, fighting a war against a portal called the Worldwound through which demons invade. Players choose from different “mythic paths” to develop their powers, their choice of which dramatically affects the story and gameplay.

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