Pact Of Silence Cast & Character Guide

The Netflix drama series Pact of Silence features a cast of established actors who bring to life a number of compelling characters. In this fast-paced telenovela, Brenda Ray was abandoned as a baby by four private school students. After becoming a wealthy social media influencer, she decides to bring vengeance against the four women responsible for her traumas and determine which one is her mother. The show was released in October 2023, and joins other great Spanish language shows on Netflix that have gained a massive audience on the streaming site.



Like many great telenovelas, Pact of Silence includes twists and turns that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The show keeps the question of Brenda’s mother going until it has no choice but to reveal her identity. Moreover, every character is well-developed and plays a role in the plot. Multiple fantastic telenovela actresses and actors help bring the thrilling story of Pact of Silence to life.

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Camila Valero As Brenda Ray

Brenda Ray looks into the distance.

In Pact of Silence, Camila Valero plays Brenda Ray, a massive social media influencer who has trauma due to her birth mother and her birth mother’s friends leaving Brenda to die as a baby. Valero is a relatively new actress who started her career in 2018. She got her big break as Nina in the comedy movie Perfect Strangers, and since then she’s acted in predominantly Mexican TV shows. Valero is known for playing Sofia in El Refugio, Sofia in Unstoppable, Mafer in Herederos Por Accidente, Evelyn in Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Rafaela in Mala Fortuna.

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Adriana Louvier As Fernanda Alarcón

Fernanda Alarcon looks at her phone while sitting next to her husband.

In Pact of Silence, Adriana Louvier plays Fernanda Alarcón, a rich homemaker who played a role in leaving Brenda decades earlier. Louvier began professionally acting in Mexican TV shows and movies in 2000. Only a year later, she got her big break playing Julieta Rivas in Lo Que Es El Amor. In TV shows, Louvier has played Esther Mendoza del Real in Emperatriz, Olga Ancira in Corona de Iágrimas, Constanza in Quiero Amarte, and Maria Dolores in Yo No Creo En Los Hombres. Additionally, she acted in the movies Los Árboles Mueren De Pie, Fachon Models, and Recuperando a Mi Ex.

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Marimar Vega As Martina Robles

Martina Robles looks at the man she slept with while wearing a robe.

In Pact of Silence, Marimar Vega plays Martina Robles, a successful businessperson and realtor who had a role in Brenda’s abandonment. Vega started acting in 2003. She got her big break playing Anna Torres in the Thriller movie Daniel and Ana. Since then, she’s taken on multiple prominent Mexican movie and TV roles. Vega has acted in the movies Sucedió en un Día, El Cumple de la Abuela, La Boda de Valentina, and Amor de Mis Amores. She has also performed roles in numerous TV shows including Sara Castelán in Eternamente Tuya, Alejandra in Amor Cautivo, and Stella Pérez in Silvana Sin Lana.

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Litzy As Sofía Estrada

Sofia Estrada talks to her landlord about her late rent.

In Pact of Silence, Lityz plays Sofía Estrada, a writer and one of the people responsible for Brenda’s trauma who stays off the grid. Litzy works as a singer and actress. In 2000, she began acting professionally, breaking out as Daniela Gamboa in the TV series Daniela. She has acted in the following roles in TV shows: Julieta Dorielli in Quiéreme Tonto, Eliza Romero in Al Otro Lado del Muro, Aracely Paniagua in Lady of Steel, and Lucy in Las Princesas. In movies, Litzy played Ceci in Borderline and Trish in The Weapon.

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Kika Edgar As Irene Bustamante

Congressperson Irene Bustamante sits in her office chair looking off into the distance.

In Pact of Silence, Kika Edgar plays Irene Bustamante, a respected congressperson who played a role in the abandonment of Brenda. Edgar started acting in 2000 and got her big break playing Regina Campos in the romantic drama Contra Viento y Marea. Other than one TV movie early in her career, Edgar has only acted in TV series. She played Carolina in The Power of Destiny, Xóchitl Martínez in Porque el Amor Manda, Romelia Vega in La Doña, and Genoveva Alcalá in La Reina del Sur.

Pact Of Silence Supporting Cast & Characters

Two characters sit at the foot of their bed in front of a fireplace.

Chantal Andere as Ramona Castro – The former headmistress who led the all-girls school that the four teenagers attended when they abandoned Brenda. Chantal Andere began acting in 1988 and got her big break playing Carmen Ledesma Arriaga in the romantic drama Madres Egoístas. She’s well known for acting in the roles of Raquel Albéniz in Sortilegio and Estefanía Bracho in La Usurpadora.

José Manuel Rincón as Adriano – Irene’s stepson. Rincón began acting in 2015 and made his big break as Nicolás in the telenovela Caer en Tentación. He’s best known for playing Rafael Villar in Ringo, La Pelea de Su Vida, and Gonzalo Carranza in Monarca.

Martín Barba as Alex – Brenda’s best friend and confidante who helps track down the four girls who caused her trauma. Barba began acting on camera in 2008, and he got his big break playing Benjamín Casanegra in Último Año. He’s best known for playing David Beltrán Suárez in The Return, Joaquín Fernández in Lady of Steel, and Pablo in Yo Quisiera.

Ricardo Abarca as Cesar – In Pact of Silence, Cesar is a character who provides shocking testimony about Brenda’s abandonment, which points her in the direction of her mother. Abarca started acting in 2006, and he got his big break playing Adrián Leira in Amores de Mercado. The actor is best known for playing Poyo in Miss Bala and Renato in Don’t Blame the Kid.

Erick Chapa as Rodrigo – Fernanda’s husband, who enjoys his wife’s wealth. Chapa began acting in 2008 and got his big break playing Iñaki Herrera in Destino. He is best known for playing Juan Islas Limantour in Preso No. 1 and Camilo in Paquita la del Barrio.

Daniel Medina as Gustavo – Daniel Medina plays a character named Gustavo in Pact of Silence. Unlike other actors in the cast, this is Medina’s first professional acting role.

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