Objective, Burma! (1945) MapsBig Stream Movie

Objective, Burma! (1945)

A group of men parachute into Japanese-occupied Burma with a dangerous and important mission: to locate and blow up a radar station. They accomplish this well enough, but when they try to rendezvous at an old air-strip to be taken back to their base, they find Japanese waiting for them, and they must make a long, difficult walk back through enemy-occupied jungle.
Raoul Walsh
Errol Flynn, Henry Hull, George Tobias, Anthony Caruso, James Brown, Richard Erdman, Joel Allen, John Alvin, William Hudson, George Tyne, John Whitney, William Prince, Rodd Redwing, Frank Tang, Warner Anderson, Mark Stevens, Hugh Beaumont, Erville Alderson, Carlyle Blackwell Jr., Truman Bradley, Tom Daly, Lester Matthews


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