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Paramount Plus‘ new TV and movie releases for October 23-29 include the historical documentary Milli Vanilli and the historical political drama miniseries Fellow Travelers.

Starting on October 24, viewers can start streaming Milli Vanilli, a documentary film that is about the German-French pop duo Milli Vanilli: consisting of Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan and chronicles the circumstances that led to their rise to fame and their eventual downfall. This documentary will feature rare archival footage and exclusive interviews with Fabrice and Robert (prior to his tragic demise) and also interviews with real-life singers and record executives. This documentary was directed by Luke Korem, who previously directed the SXSW award-winning documentary Dealt and the SHOWTIME documentary series Action.

Then on October 27, viewers can stream Fellow Travelers, a historical political romantic drama miniseries, via Showtime. This miniseries will focus on the romance between two men, Hawkins Fuller, played by Matt Bomer, and Tim Laughlin, played by Jonathan Bailey, which spans three decades: the Vietnam War protests during the 1960s, the drug-fuelled hedonism of the disco era during the 1970s and the AIDs crisis during the 1980s. Other cast members include Allison Williams, Jelani Alladin, Linus Roache, Will Brill, Chris Bauer, and Christine Horne. The series was created by Ron Nyswaner, who previously worked on the Showtime shows Homeland and Ray Donovan.

Other releases for Paramount Plus during this week include Isle of MTV: Malta, Air Disasters (Seasons 1-7), MTV Cribs Season 19, and Reno 911! It’s A Wonderful Heist.

New Paramount Plus releases for October 23-29

Below are all the new TV shows and movies being added to Paramount Plus from October 23-29.

October 24

October 25

  • Isle of MTV: Malta
  • Air Disasters (Seasons 1-7)
  • MTV Cribs (Season 19)
  • Reno 911! It’s A Wonderful Heist

October 27

  • Fellow Travelers (via Showtime)

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