Moriah Plath Is Morphing Into Kim Plath In The Worst Way


  • Moriah Plath has become more like her mother, Kim Plath, in terms of their selfish nature and self-interest, which viewers find off-putting.
  • Both Moriah and Kim have attention-seeking tendencies, although they manifest differently. Kim’s attention-seeking behavior has become more dangerous, while Moriah seeks attention through her music and personal drama.
  • Kim, who was once a model citizen, has started rebelling in ways that concern her family, much like how Moriah has always tried to stand out and be different within her religious family. The show will continue to explore this mother-daughter dynamic.



Welcome To Plathville season 5 has seen Moriah Plath becoming more and more like her mother Kim Plath, especially with the pair sharing a deeply selfish nature. As Welcome To Plathville season 5 has continued on, the Plath’s children have been shown dealing with their parents split along with the issues they’ve been dealing with throughout the last several years. Moriah, who was once close with her sister-in-law Olivia Plath, has been changing throughout her time on the series, but in recent years she’s come to resemble her mother Kim more than in the past. Kim, who many find problematic, may not be the best role model for her daughter.

While Moriah has gotten closer to both her parents through their split, it has positioned her in a strange place emotionally and brought her to a stand-off with her brother, Ethan Plath. Moriah’s feud with Ethan’s wife Olivia has been a hard hit, especially because of their difficult feelings about Olivia. Taking her parents side after her fight with Olivia over her music, Moriah has been adamant about staying loyal to her family in a way that has been off-putting for some viewers. The resemblance between Moriah and Kim’s attitudes has been hard to miss on Welcome To Plathville.

Moriah Is Focused On Herself Just Like Kim

Welcome to Plathville's Moriah Plath

Although Moriah has been growing up in front of the cameras for years, it seems like in the last several seasons of Welcome To Plathville, she’s become an even more independent version of herself. From pursuing her music to living away from her parents, Moriah’s life has changed considerably throughout the run of the series, but the shift in her personality has also made Moriah much more like her mother. Moriah has become heavily focused on herself in the last few seasons of the series, especially during Welcome To Plathville season 5.

While this sense of self isn’t necessarily a negative, Moriah has become more like her mother Kim in adopting her somewhat selfish nature. Kim has always been selfish, but has shown her true colors in her split with her husband Barry Plath more than ever. Prioritizing herself over her family, especially her children, as she acts out and challenges her beliefs has proven that Kim’s been selfish all along. Moriah, who has been heavily focused on expanding her music career and exploring her life from different perspectives, has become more like Kim in her self-interest.

They Both Love Attention

Although it plays out in different ways for both of them, Moriah and Kim have their attention-seeking natures in common. For Kim, looking for attention has been at odds with her religion. At first, Kim was attention-seeking in her decision to join a Fundamentalist church, pushing herself into a puritanical lifestyle in order to be looked at. She was a picture of perfection in her religion, but her life still wasn’t panning out the way she wanted it to. After her divorce, Kim took a different approach in her quest to get attention, acting out in a more dangerous way.

In recent years, Kim’s been arrested for driving while under the influence, has been dating men who seem like a poor fit, and generally misbehaving in order to get the attention she’s looking for. This attention-seeking behavior is far more dangerous, and while neither are quite in line with Moriah’s attention-seeking, it’s clear that she’s following in her mother’s footsteps. Moriah has become an attention-seeker like her mother, hoping that her music and personal drama can make her the center of attention no matter the situation.

Kim Is Becoming A Rebel Just Like Moriah

 Kim Plath, Moriah Plath and Micah Plath

Although Kim was once a model citizen when it came to public image, things have changed tremendously over the years for the Welcome To Plathville star. On top of getting in legal trouble, Kim has made it known that she’s happy to act out in similar ways to her daughter Moriah. While Moriah was somewhat less rebellious than a normal teenager, she definitely rebelled against her religious family in a number of ways that were documented on Welcome To Plathville. Moriah, who wants to pursue music, has even recently mentioned that she wants to have the word “rebel” tattooed on her body.

For Moriah, rebellion seems to be her second nature. Coming from a large religious family, she’s always tried to stand out and be different while still maintaining her relationship with her parents and siblings. Now that she’s found herself a bit more in her early 20s, Moriah has pushed her family to a point where they accept her rebellious nature and don’t really mind it. Kim, on the other hand, has been rebelling in a way that stands out to her family and concerns them. It will be interesting to see how Welcome To Plathville continues to show this mother and daughter duo.

Welcome To Plathville airs Tuesday 10 p.m. EDT on TLC.

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