Malia White’s Biggest Scandals (From Below Deck Med To Winter House) Explained


  • Malia White’s time on Below Deck Mediterranean was marked by on-screen scandals, including being involved in a love triangle and snitching on Hannah Ferrier.
  • Malia’s involvement in the drama made her a villain at times, but since leaving the show, she has been able to stay out of the drama for the most part.
  • In her latest reality TV venture on Winter House, Malia is shown flirting with castmate Kory Keefer, causing tension with his rumored girlfriend Sam Feher. Drama seems to follow Malia wherever she goes.



Since Malia White joined Below Deck Mediterranean back during season 2, Malia has been involved in quite a few Bravo scandals. Malia began her reality TV career when she joined Below Deck Med season 2 as a deckhand, hoping to work her way up to Bosun one day. She later returned for season 5 as a bosun and again for season 6 in the same role. However, Malia didn’t return for season 7 and hasn’t returned to Below Deck Med since. Despite not returning to the Below Deck Med, Malia has made her reality TV return on Winter House season 3 along with other Bravolebrities.

For a while there, it seemed like Malia was a mainstay in the Below Deck Med series. However, a few of her on-screen scandals made her the villain several times. While Malia always seemed like she never wanted to be involved in the drama, there were many times throughout her Below Deck Med career when she was the main talking point of the season. While she wanted to escape the drama, it was sometimes difficult for her to not be in the middle. Luckily, since leaving the show, Malia has been able to stay out of the drama for the most part.

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Malia Was Involved In A Love Triangle

Malia White from Below Deck Med

During Below Deck Med season 2, which was Malia’s first season, she was involved in a love triangle that went on for most of the season. Malia showed interest in both Chef Adam Glick and Bosun Wes Weston, and they both showed an interest in her. However, it was revealed that before they arrived at the boat, Malia and Adam had already met and possibly had something going on between them. Adam confirmed this; however, Malia began to develop real feelings for Wes once they started working together on board. Adam was obviously hurt by this and expressed his anger with the situation in the wrong way.

During one of their crew nightouts, Adam and Wes got into a physical altercation that Adam just meant as “playful.” Wes was clearly upset and over the whole situation. He didn’t want to be involved in the drama, but he did truly care for and like Malia. After going between Wes and Adam, Malia realized that Adam wasn’t the guy for her and decided to solely focus on Wes. The two ended up leaving the boat together and dated for a few years following their time on Below Deck Med. However, Malia and Wes did part ways sometime before Malia began filming Below Deck Med season 5.

Malia Snitched On Hannah Ferrier

When Malia returned to Below Deck Med season 5 after a three-year hiatus, she returned as the bosun. Although she and resident Chief Steward Hannah Ferrier seemed fine when the season began (they shared a room together), their relationship started to change after Chef Hindrigo ‘Kiko’ Lorran was fired following a disastrous Las Vegas-themed dinner service. This prompted Malia to reach out to her boyfriend at the time, Tom Checketts, who is a chef, so he could fill in their empty chef position. Since Malia’s boyfriend was joining the boat, she wanted Hannah to move out of their cabin, but Hannah refused.

Hannah didn’t want to room with Bugsy Drake, who Hannah didn’t really like. Hannah didn’t want to be uncomfortable in her own space, which is understandable. Many believe Malia was so annoyed by Hannah not switching cabins that she took Hannah’s unregistered Valium and an alleged vape pen on board and sent them to Captain Sandy Yawn. Boats cannot have any type of unregistered drug on board, so Sandy called Hannah into her office.

Sandy decided to immediately fire Hannah, ending her long-standing career on Below Deck Med. Her firing caused a huge stir among fans, with many of them villainizing Malia and even Sandy. It took a long time for both Malia and Sandy to get back into the good graces of fans after this incident. In fact, some viewers still haven’t forgiven either Malia or Sandy.

She Found Out Tom Checketts Cheated On Her

Malia White and Tom Checketts from Below Deck Med season 5

Malia and Tom seemed like a great couple while they were both on Below Deck Med season 5. While they had their ups and downs on the boat, overall, they seemed like a good match. The pair were even together when they filmed the virtual reunion for the season; however, it was evident that there was some trouble in paradise.

Not too long after they filmed the reunion, Malia and Tom confirmed they ended their relationship in September 2020. Neither Malia nor Tom dived deep into the reasoning behind the break-up at first. Less than a year later, Malia confirmed that Tom had cheated on her. “Yeah, we were, you know, working on different boats […] he found someone else on his boats, and I didn’t know for a couple of months,” she told Us Weekly at the time. Malia has moved on since, but now she’s enjoying the single life.

Malia Flirts With Kory Keefer On Winter House

 Kory Keefer from Winter House

Malia, along with many other Bravolebrities, has joined the cast of Winter House season 3. Along with Malia, other stars who are a part of the cast include Summer House‘s Kyle Cooke, Family Karma‘s Brian Benni, Below Deck Med’s Katie Flood, and so many more. However, one castmate who caught her eye is last season’s Winter House newbie, Kory Keefer. Even though the show is only a couple of episodes in, Malia has shown interest in Kory but is unsure about his relationship status.

Kory began a relationship with Sam Feher from Summer House, but he isn’t putting any labels on it. It’s clear that Kory doesn’t say how serious his relationship with Sam is judging by the Winter House season 3 trailer. At one point, Malia jumps up on Kory and seemingly kisses him. In another scene, Malia and Sam have it out over Malia not respecting Sam and Kory’s relationship. It seems no matter what show she’s on, Malia can’t help but find herself involved in the drama.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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