Lords of the Fallen: How to Respec

A common way to adjust your build in The Lords of The Fallen is to Respec your character by talking to a former boss who now resides in the main hub area of the game. You need to collect a rare item to begin this reinvention of your Attributes. The ability to take each of your stats and rebuild them from the ground up can be a powerful way to wield different weapons, armor, and other gear found in the Axiom and Umbral Realms.



You need to at least beat Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal in Lords of The Fallen before you can even consider a Respec, since the boss becomes a friendly NPC after their defeat. Traveling to Skyrest Bridge will let you speak to Pieta after battling her, letting you learn more about the world of Lords of The Fallen. She acts as a vendor for the rest of the game, letting you spend your earned Vigor that you haven’t spent to level up.

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How to Respec Your Character in Lords of The Fallen

Lords of The Fallen Rebirth Chrysalis Item Used to Respec Your Character with NPC Pieta

In order to Respec your character, you have to exchange a Rebirth Chrysalis with Pieta for every stat that you wish to set back to 0. Rebirth Chrysalis are special items that are rarely found in the world, only in two separate locations. Thankfully, you can also purchase this Chrysalis from two separate vendors who also appear in Lords of The Fallen, both of whom travel back to your Hub after certain quests.

You are able to find Rebirth Chrysalis at the Fief of the Chill Curse and the Tower of Penance, but you’ll have to explore the area in the Axiom and Umbral Realms. It is far easier to purchase one Chrysalis from either Molhu or Winterberry back at the Hub for 8,000 Vigor each. Defeating powerful bosses like the Lightreaper in Lords of The Fallen will give you plenty of Vigor to buy the Chrysalis you need for a proper Respec.

Molhu is an NPC whom you can purchase items from such as a Rebirth Chrysalis, but you must travel to the Umbral Realm to speak to this vendor.

Once you’re ready, select the “Chrysalis Rebirth” prompt from Pieta’s vendor menu to consume a Chrysalis from your inventory. From here, you have to reassign all levels for your character without going beyond your current level which was determined by your origin. A successful Respec in Lords of The Fallen is complete when you select the “Yes” option from your Attribute screen, consuming a Chrysalis in the process.

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