Jovi’s Mother Needs To Stop “Shaming” Yara For Using Birth Control


  • Viewers criticize Jovi’s mom for shaming Yara over her use of birth control, suggesting she should focus on her son’s behavior instead.
  • Many fans believe that a woman’s body autonomy should be respected and feel uncomfortable watching Yara receive no support in therapy.
  • Yara and Jovi should work on being more honest with each other and communicate their desires and concerns to build a strong foundation for their marriage.



Many 90 Day: The Last Resort viewers aren’t happy that Jovi Dufren’s mom, Gwen Eymard, isn’t supporting Yara Zaya for secretly using birth control. The new spin-off featured various dramatic moments, but one of the strangest reveals happened when Yara accepted that she was deceiving her husband, Jovi. The Ukrainian woman complained that her beau wanted her to have another child without permission. Therefore, she began using birth control pills to avoid getting pregnant. Recently, the 90 Day: The Last Resort pair discussed the issue with a therapist, where Jovi’s mom wasn’t happy about Yara’s actions. Gwen told her daughter-in-law to be more open to Jovi.

According to a Reddit thread no_not-today_thanks, many 90 Day Fiancé fans think Gwen is “dead wrong for shaming” Yara. People shared that the middle-aged woman should have advised Jovi to become a better husband than telling her daughter-in-law to be more open. A Redditor wrote, “she should be asking her son why his wife doesn’t feel safe discussing this with him.” Another Reddit user commented, “I will NEVER be on the side of taking away a Woman’s Body Autonomy.” Many people felt uncomfortable watching Yara get no support in the therapy session.

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Yara’s Birth Control Drama Explained

Initially, many viewers wondered why a happy pair like Yara and Jovi joined the therapy-oriented show. However, the couple’s on-screen actions soon made it clear that they still face major differences. Yara and Jovi’s birth control drama began in the first few episodes of 90 Day: The Last Resort. Yara opened up about not trusting Jovi enough in a group therapy session. She revealed that she hadn’t told her husband about taking birth control pills because he would try to stop her. However, Jovi was more irritated by Yara’s lie and the fact that she discussed such a private subject on-screen.

While fans may not agree with Jovi’s mother, she said what she said because of her experience. Gwen has been a mother for decades and understands the importance of honesty in relationships. She knows a little crack like Yara’s birth control secret could eventually hinder her functional marriage with Jovi. Gwen’s statement also hints that she’s simply looking after her daughter-in-law and her son’s happiness. Her goal isn’t to encourage Jovi to make Yara pregnant but for her daughter-in-law not to lie. Gwen also doesn’t pick sides. Previously, she had also called out her son for his relationship-damaging actions.

Yara and Jovi love each other a lot. Their social media posts, funny videos, traveling photos, and lifestyle show they are very compatible. The pair’s marriage has no space for dishonesty and deception. Therefore, they should try to become more real with each other about their inner emotions. Jovi should promise Yara that he wouldn’t get her pregnant against her will. Similarly, Yara should apologize for her lie and give him her word that she wouldn’t hide anything again. Communication, love, mutual respect, and honesty will help the 90 Day: The Last Resort couple build a great foundation for their marriage.

90 Day: The Last Resort airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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