How to Unlock the Street Fighter Exosuit Skins

Three skins for different exosuits are now available to unlock in the second season of Exoprimal, which resemble iconic characters from the Street Fighter series of fighting games. A collaboration with Street Fighter 6, this tie-in gives you these Legendary skins from your Survival Pass progression. These cosmetic items are exclusive for this season to gain within a limited three-month timeframe.



The different skins offered are for the exosuits Deadeye, Vigilant, and Zephyr, three of the most popular Assault class archetypes. Deadeye has a skin for Ryu, Vigilant has an outfit resembling Chun-Li, and Zephyr dons a costume of the military family man Guile. Whether you play single-player or PvP modes in Exoprimal, these aesthetics are great ways to change your favorite suits’ visuals for a match.

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How To Get The Street Fighter Exosuit Skins In Exoprimal

Street Fighter 6 Ryu Deadeye Skin Against Zephyr Guile Skin that you Get from Special Collaboration Set Purchase

The only way to get all the Street Fighter collaboration skins for exosuits is to play the Dino Survival mode a number of times and purchase the cosmetics set for the crossover event. Playing through several matches in Dino Survival will automatically give you the Ryu skin for Deadeye in Exoprimal. This reward comes free to your account, and you do not have to own the Premium Survival Pass to get the skin.

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Unfortunately, the Chun-Li and Guile outfits are locked behind a paywall, with you having to spend some money to buy each in their own sets. Thankfully, the sets for either skin include other items such as Stamps, Decals, and Legendary Emotes that let you perform special moves from either character. For example, buying the Guile pack for Zephyr in Exoprimal allows you to equip the “Sonic Boom” Emote for any exosuit.

The Legendary Emotes include Ryu’s Hadouken, Chun-Li’s Lightning Kicks, and Guile’s Sonic Boom. While these may look like attacks from the Street Fighter games, they do not deal damage to enemy exofighters or dinosaurs in any multiplayer mode.

The release of Title Update 2 has extended this offer until January 17th, 2024, which should give you plenty of time to consider obtaining these skins. With the expanded content for Season 2, there are more opportunities than ever to show off these cosmetic changes to other exofighters. Those who unlock each Street Fighter exosuit skin for Exoprimal may also look forward to a similar Monster Hunter collaboration planned for Season 3.

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