How To Free The Tortured Prisoner In Lords of The Fallen

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Souls-like games tend to be full of secrets and side-gigs, and the Tortured Prisoner is a prime example in Lords of the Fallen. Unless you caught it out of the corner of your eye or were intentionally looking for some hidden pathways, you will most likely walk right past the Tortured Prisoner. Even if you find out where the character is, freeing them is a whole different task. Regardless of the challenge, freeing the Tortured Prisoner for more than one reason is worth it.



Once free, the Tortured Prisoner will act as a vendor outside the Pieta boss fight arena. As a vendor, the former prisoner will sell Inferno Spells and weapons. However, there is another reason to free the Tortured Prisoner: she can be summoned to help in boss fights such as the Hushed Saint boss fight.

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Where to Find the Skyrest Bridge Key

Freeing the Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen is worth it for the rewards.

Before you can find and rescue the Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen, you must obtain the Skyrest Bridge Key. Starting from the Vestige of Chabui checkpoint, head outside and down the stairs. Directly at the bottom and to the right of these stairs are barricades you can roll through and break. In the back of this area, you will find two ladders that lead you down to a narrower scaffolding below. Head down them and traverse across the scaffoldings below.

Be careful in this area; there are many enemies hiding behind crates, ready to jump-scare and knock you over the edge to your death.

Continue along these scaffoldings until you reach a lever that activates an elevator. Take this elevator up to the bridge and then go down the stairs. At the bottom of these stairs, you can either go left or right. Turn right and make your way across the bridge. If you turn left, there will be a locked door; this is where the Tortured Prisoner is, and you need the Skyrest Bridge Key to unlock the door.

At the end of the bridge, you will find an Emergence Effigie. Activate it, and use your Umbral Light to reveal a bone bridge to your right. This is where it gets tricky in Lords of the Fallen. While holding your Umbral Lamp, walk on the bone bridge and look down, where you will notice a small cliff you can drop down to. Once you’re in position, stop using the Umbral Lamp and free-fall down to it.

Now, make your way forward and use your Umbral Lamp to Soulflay the bridge out. Turn left just past this bridge and onto another one where you’ll find an Umbral Belly. Soul Flay it to get the Skyrest Bridge key. Now that you have the key, you can use it to open the locked door and save the Tortured Prisoner. If you are lost on where to find the Skyrest Bridge key, refer to LunarGaming’s video on YouTube to help find your way.

How To Rescue The Tortured Prisoner

Freeing the Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen is worth it for the rewards.

Now that you have the Skyrest Bridge key, you can free the Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen. First, return to the bridge and turn left to use the key on the locked door. Behind this door will be a bridge leading to a shrine. Turn left and proceed up the circling stairs that surround the shrine. The tortured Prisoner can be found at the top of these stairs. Speak to her, and you will discover that you can’t free her until you destroy all three Umbral Entities.

Behind the shrine in the middle is a chest that contains the Descrier Armor Set.

Umbral Entity 1Freeing the Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen is worth it for the rewards.

While in the Umbral Realm, return down the stairs from the Tortured Prisoner and keep an eye on your left side for a break in the railing. You can jump from here to reach the middle island with the statue. Once on here, look around, and you’ll see the Umbral Entity you have to destroy.

Umbral Entity 2Freeing the Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen is worth it for the rewards.

The second Umbral Entity is located directly down to the right of the bridge as you enter. Head down the ladder and onto the rock platform. Soul Flay the platform towards the Umbral Entity, destroy it, and then Soul Flay yourself back.

Umbral Entity 3

Freeing the Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen is worth it for the rewards.

The last Umbral Entity can be found on a ladder heading upwards on the bridge’s left side as you enter the room. Climb up it and destroy the final Umbral Entity. Once you destroy it, an area will open to your left that holds an Umbral Belly with the Searing Accusation, the item you need to free the Tortured Prisoner. Now talk to her and give her the item.

Next time you load into the area, you’ll notice the Tortured Prisoner is gone. Now, she can be found as a Vendor next to where you fought Pieta. However, it is worth returning to the Tortured Prisoner’s cell, as a unique helmet will be waiting for you. Although the gear found here isn’t as good as what you get with the Dark Crusader Class in Lords of the Fallen, it’s entirely worth it to free the Tortured Prisoner to gain access to the Inferno Spells she sells as a vendor.

Source: LunarGaming/YouTube

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