How to Find (& Beat) Nameless Puppet (Secret Boss)

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The Nameless Puppet is a secret boss in Lies of P that you can find by making certain choices at the very end of the game, leading to new endings if you manage to beat this final challenge. Surviving two deadly phases in this battle can be brutal, testing every skill you’ve learned. Those attempting to take down this boss may want to continue their struggle for the extremely rare Ergo dropped by this graceful yet empty puppet.



Expect heavy spoilers to the end of Lies of P from this point onward in the article

The optional boss fight in Lies of P can be found when you talk to Gepetto in the Under the Abyss location after defeating Simon Manus, the final enemy of the main story. Gepetto asks you to hand over your heart, which leads to one of the three endings of the game. However, if you refuse to give your heart to Gepetto, he’ll become angry and unleash the Nameless Puppet on Pinocchio to start this hidden battle.

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Best Weapons & Items to Fight the Nameless Puppet

P against a background of steampunk environments and people fighting in Lies of P

The best weapon to use against the Nameless Puppet is the Bone-Cutting Saw, whose Blade and Handle parts have strong Fable Art abilities. The Blade gives you a trait called Link Chop, which gives you a powerful downward strike separate from light and heavy attacks to deal massive damage. The slower speed of the swings from this Motivity scaling weapon in Lies of P may take some time to get used to.

The Handle of the Bone-Cutting Saw has the ability Endure, which allows you to temporarily withstand an enemy’s attack. This allows you to resist a staggering strike from the Nameless Puppet, and take advantage of the sudden opportunity to deliver a massive attack yourself. The secret boss is a swift opponent who may not give you many chances to land a hit or two, making this Fable Art incredibly effective in Lies of P.

The amount of different moves in each of the boss’s phases makes it difficult to approach the Nameless Puppet to land your attacks. Another reason why the Saw works so well in this fight is due to the weapon’s long reach. Combined with thrown items in Lies of P such as Electric Blitz Canisters that will deal decent damage from afar, this weapon gives you more space to land attacks as the boss moves around.

How to Beat Phase 1

Nameless Puppet in Lies of P.

Similar to the hardest bosses in Lies of P, you have to take your time to recognize the boss’ attack patterns before dodging certain moves throughout the Nameless Puppet’s first phase. Blocking and Guarding are very important at this point of the battle, since there are many combo attacks that chain into each other that are fairly hard to anticipate. You have to reduce the boss’ entire health bar in order to arrive at the second phase.

The Nameless Puppet is perhaps the fastest boss seen in all Lies of P, so make sure you lock onto the boss and watch their movements to dodge as you watch their various attack animations.



How to Beat

Sword Thrust

The boss takes a step back before thrusting their sword forward in a very fast attack.

Get ready to dodge as the Nameless Puppet steps back, then quickly step to the side. This gives you a chance to land attacks as you get behind the boss.

Uppercut Slice

The Nameless Puppet draws its sword and swings it in an upward slice from the ground up.

Dodge away from the sword strike or Block the attack.

Double Swing

The boss takes a moment before rapidly striking at you twice in a row.

Dodge away from both these sword attacks or Block every attack in the sequence.


A large, heavier swing of the Puppet’s sword slashes forward in front of the boss to deal heavy damage.

Dodge away from the sword strike or Block the attack.

Jumping Stab

The boss jumps a short distance into the air before stabbing the ground below in a swinging stab attack.

Move from the area where the Nameless Puppet is about to land, then quickly get closer to the boss to get a few hits in for some damage.

The Nameless Puppet has the ability to heal itself as your battle continues, restoring its health little by little as you begin to wear down. Deal a charged attack if you see the boss healing at any point to stagger your opponent. Staggered enemies in Lies of P are marked with three white lines that turn red as you approach, allowing you to deal a deadly Fatal Attack for a huge amount of damage.

How to Beat Phase 2

Lies of P Nameless Puppet Secret Boss to Beat Phase 2 Cutscene

If it was even possible, the Nameless Puppet moves with even greater speed in phase 2, forcing you to corner the boss as best you can while staying patient for attack windows. The boss now uses Fury Attacks that make it glow red, and can only be countered when you perform a Perfect Guard in Lies of P. Area of Effect (AoE) attacks and new combos using attacks from the first phase make the Puppet even more aggressive.



How to Beat

Double Sword Slash

The boss uses their two swords to strike a large area in two horizontal slashes that hit anything in front of it.

The Puppet pulls in both their blades toward its body before unleashing the attack, prepare to Dodge or Block the incoming attack when you see this animation.

Launching Sword Combo

Similar to the boss’ Uppercut from phase 1, it swings both its swords from the ground up. This time, the attack launches the Puppet into the air and leads to a follow-up strike as it lands.

Block or Dodge the first Uppercut attack, then move backward to avoid the lunging strike as the boss returns from the air.

Fury Sword Swing

Glowing red for a Fury Attack, the Nameless Puppet attacks forward with their swords in a slow but deadly overhead swing.

You have to Perfect Guard this attack or be far from the boss to avoid the swords.

Jumping Blast

The boss leaps up into the air before landing, causing a large explosion of energy that deals damage in an AoE around it.

Back away from the boss as it goes into the air to stay out of the AoE’s radius when it comes back down.

Longer Sword Swing

The same as Phase 1’s Slash attack, but with far more reach as the boss’ blades grow during the strike.

As the boss pulls their swords back to attack, move forward and dodge left or right as you position Pinocchio behind the Puppet for some easy hits.

Charging Sword Strikes

After crouching for a small animation, the boss charges forward, knocking down anything in their way.

This attack will essentially stun you if it hits, so move away from the boss’ front to avoid the path it takes when dashing.

Blade Beam

The Puppet thrusts one of their swords forward, creating a ranged beam attack.

Dodge in the direction of the thrust, since the beam follows the direction where the boss pointed its sword.

Dash Swipe

The boss spins in an advancing attack where both swords become fan blades for a short time.

Move to the side of the boss quickly to avoid this deceptively fast attack.

Once you find and beat the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P, you will receive the boss’ Rare Ergo that Alidoro can craft into either the Proof of Humanity weapon or Piercing Hatred Amulet.

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