How To Do Clinch Submissions In UFC 5

A powerful move you can perform in EA Sports UFC 5 is a Clinch, a technique that sees you grab onto your opponent as you do different attacks for a Submission. This mechanic may be confusing at times, but with alternate positions, you can switch between them and have new control settings. The right Clinch could cause your opponent to yield if you learn the right actions for your fighter.



Similar to Clinches in UFC 4, you must look at any fighter’s Grapple Controls to figure out how to initiate this technique. The main way to enter a Clinch is through a Single Collar Clinch, performed through the X + A input on Xbox and the Square + X buttons on PS5. Be careful trying to do this since a missed Clinch could lead to your opponent hitting you with a quick jab or kick if you miss in UFC 5.

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How to Perform Clinch Submissions in UFC 5

UFC 5 Clinch Submission Performed by Using L2 or LT Input on Controller with Other Button Combinations

While in the Clinch, you have a variety of moves similar to your standing attacks, with only a few deviations. You can still block, but now your slow, powerful Leg Strikes are replaced with Knee Strikes that are much faster to hit your opponent. These attacks could lead to a Submission, a type of Hold that pins a rival fighter down to the ground, leading to another mini-game that could spell their defeat in UFC 5.

The Takedown, or Submission Modifier, from the Clinch, is performed by pressing LT or L2 on your controller. More Advanced controls allow you to perform Takedowns in many different ways, including single-leg takedowns to Power double-leg takedowns in UFC 5. Feel free to explore all your options in Training Mode to see what the best Takedowns are in various situations in a fight.

Submissions are performed after a Clinch by pressing a combination of buttons in addition to the LT/L2 input. For example, a standard Submission can be done by pressing L2 + R1 + Square on PS5, while Defend Submission occurs when you input L2 + R2 on the same system.

If you find yourself in an opponent’s Clinch and are worried about a Submission, you can Move the Stick Left to escape the Grapple.

Eventually, a Clinch Submission could lead to a Ground Submission from a Takedown, which slightly changes the controls as you struggle to keep your opponent in place. You can Move your Stick Right in any direction to vary the positions of a Submission as a rival fighter tries to escape. Learning to do Clinch Submissions in EA Sports UFC 5 is a key step toward victory in this fighting simulator’s intense, realistic matches.

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