How To Beat Peter In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

An unexpected boss battle occurs in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 when it is the teacher versus the student as you take on Peter while controlling Miles. At this point in the story, Peter is completely consumed with the Black Symbiote Suit, and it is up to you, as Miles, to save him. It is one of the most significant moments in the story, with the inevitable conflict between Miles and Peter that fans will have looked forward to since the introduction of the second Spidey.



[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3.]

The Black Symbiote Suit is an iconic one for Spiderman fans, giving Peter the powers of Venom. You will acquire it when completing the main story mission, Good Men.’ However, by this point in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 story, the suit’s powers have taken over Peter. It comes as part of the mission ‘Anything Can Be Broken,’ straight after you have defeated Kraven. Like the earlier boss fight with Mister Negative, it is split into three phases. It is one of the later bosses in the game as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 heads towards an exciting end and provides a tough test regardless of the difficulty level you are playing on.

How To Beat Peter – Phase 1

Marvel's Spider-Man Peter v Miles

Peter has all the moves in his arsenal that you have when using him in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, so the biggest weapons to be wary of are Venom, combos, and web attacks, which can quickly deal a lot of damage to Miles. Throughout all the fight phases, he will be quick and aggressive, not giving you a break from his attacks.

One of Peter’s most common combos at the start of the boss battle ends with a Crush move. A blue circle around Peter indicates this, and the attack must be dodged to avoid taking a big chunk of damage in one go. He will also try throwing you into the air with an attack that can only be parried, not dodged. However, you will again have plenty of time and warning for this due to the yellow circle around Peter.

The Best strategy for attacking is to take advantage of the Bell at the center of the Arena.

The Bell was key in a battle with Kraven and should be used at every opportunity. Using the Bell will completely stun Peter for a few seconds, leaving him vulnerable to combos and Miles’ strongest attacks. To use the Bell, you need to hold L1 and R1, which will ring it and temporarily disable Peter. Once it has been used once in the first phase, Peter will Web it up, taking it out of action until the second section of the fight.

One move that should be used is Miles’ Lightning ability, which will take a lot of health off Peter in one go. Aside from special abilities, using combos is key in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, along with patience when avoiding Peter’s attacks. The boss fight with Peter can be made easier if you upgraded suit tech options, improving Miles’ Health and the amount of Damage you can inflict.

How To Beat Peter – Phase 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Miles Peter

A short cutscene will play once you have taken off all of Peter’s health, signaling the end of Phase One. With a new full health bar, Peter has more attacks in his arsenal for the second part of the boss battle, including a Symbiote Punch, where he will try to grab Miles. Again, this can be dodged, leaving Peter vulnerable to attacks immediately. His other new attack to be aware of for the second portion of the battle is a Crush attack that sends out damage across the Arena. This specific attack can only be dodged or swung away from.

The Bell is key throughout this fight in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and you can use it again in this portion of the fight. During the second phase, there are new opportunities to use the Bell. One of Peter’s attacks will see him throw projectile bombs at you. Instead of dodging them, if you are quick enough, you can use L1 and R1 and throw it back in the direction of the Bell. This will remove any webs Peter has placed on the Bell and cause him to be stunned again.

How To Beat Peter – Phase 3

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Peter

The final phase of the battle will always start with Peter launching himself at Miles, but you can dodge this attack. Much like many of the boss battles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the final stage doesn’t add many new tricks for you to face but instead sees you face a more aggressive Peter.

Dodging and parrying at the right times is critical before using Miles’ abilities to keep chipping away at Peter’s health. Any time the Bell is available, you should use it, as it is the best opportunity to take lots of health from Peter in one go while he is stunned. By this point in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you will have a wide range of moves with Miles, but his Venom Powers are especially effective against Peter. Another strategy that can be employed if you are struggling is to throw webs at him, wrapping him up and temporarily stunning him.

Once you have taken down Peter’s health for a third time, a cut scene will play. You will then jump into the role of Peter, having to tap square and use the two control sticks to break free of the Symbiote Suit. This will save Peter and see the pair reunite for the final section of the game. For a while after the fight, you will not be able to use Venom powers when playing as Peter, but further along the main story, they will be accessible once again.

One of the coolest battles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 sees the two Spideys face-off, but by taking advantage of the Bell, you can be victorious with Miles.

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