How Many Titans Has Levi Killed?

Levi Ackerman is one of the most able soldiers in the Special Operations Squad within the Survey Corps. Commonly known as “humanity’s strongest soldier,” his leadership qualities has made him the fandom’s beloved “Captain Levi.” 

He is considered one grumpy lad by the fandom, but there’s a reason why he is still admired by all. With his extraordinary strength and technical abilities, Levi has managed to tackle more Titans than any of the other squad members. 

Captain Levi shows his formidable self when he defeats the mighty Beast Titan, aka Zeke Yeager. When it comes to single-handedly killing Titans, Levi has a record of killing at least 89 Titans. However, in the anime, up until the release of the final season, he has killed 22 Titans on-screen. This exceeds the Titan kill count for any other human, with Mikasa coming close with a count of 21 Titans’ blood on her hands. 

Could Levi beat any Titan?

Considering the fandom’s beloved “Revai Heichō” (Captain Levi) of Marley has established himself victorious over the indomitable Titans, the simple answer is almost a yes. Many from the fandom argue that he took the Beast Titan by surprise and hence defeated him. However, Levi’s techniques in doing so cannot be neglected. Also, he took down Zeke’s Pure Titans and the Aberrants. 

Despite Levi’s ability to use vertical maneuvering equipment, his strength, and his capacity to analyze situations quickly, he has his share of drawbacks as a human. It can be believed that Levi cannot single-handedly manage to kill a few sinister Titans. These include the Armored Titan, the Jaw Titan, and the Colossal Titan. 

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