Gen V’s Mid-Credits Scene Confirms A Huge Billy Butcher Theory (& Teases The Boys’ Comic Ending)

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Gen V episode 8!




  • The Gen V season 1 finale confirms a major theory about Billy Butcher and sets up the ending from The Boys comics.
  • Gen V heavily ties into The Boys and sets up the story for season 4 of the superhero show.
  • The mid-credits scene in Gen V reveals that Butcher is investigating the supe virus, potentially leading to a dark future in season 4.

The Gen V season 1 finale features a mid-credits scene that confirms a huge Billy Butcher theory, with the moment teasing the ending from The Boys comics. Although Gen V is a spinoff, the series heavily ties into The Boys, with the show setting up season 4 of the beloved superhero show in a variety of ways. Although Gen V is over, the finale raised more questions than it answered, with several story threads directly leading into The Boys season 4. Billy Butcher’s mid-credits cameo in Gen V is one of the show’s biggest setups, with it proving that the franchise will be following the comic book ending.

Gen V is finally here, with season 1 of the highly-anticipated spinoff of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys now fully released on Amazon Prime Video. The series looks at the world of The Boys through a new lens, with it this time focusing on a college for supes known as Godolkin University. Gen V follows Marie Moreau, a blood-bending supe who gets the opportunity to attend the prestigious Vought-run university. Upon arriving, however, Marie uncovers a massive Vought conspiracy, with everything coming to a head in the season 1 finale. The Gen V finale is full of story set-ups and cameos, and Butcher’s is one of the biggest.

Gen V’s Mid-Credits Scene Confirms Butcher Is Investigating The Supe Virus

Karl Urban in The Boys

The Gen V season 1 finale’s mid-credits scene is one of the show’s most exciting moments, with it confirming that Billy Butcher is investigating the supe virus. Throughout the series, a contagious supe virus has been one of the show’s main threats, with it being developed in Vought’s the Woods facility that was built under Godolkin University. Although the virus was taken by Victoria Neuman in the previous episode, some information regarding the biological weapon may still be residing in the facility.

The mid-credits scene of Gen V season 1, episode 8 opens on the abandoned hallway of the Woods, with a mysterious figure armed with a flashlight walking down the halls. It is eventually revealed that this wanderer is actually Billy Butcher, the leader of the Boys. Although the series doesn’t explicitly explain what Butcher is doing, it seems likely that he is hunting down the supe virus. After all, Butcher has been in communication with Grace Mallory, giving him information on the location of the virus. Even though it isn’t there, having Butcher explore the Woods shows that he is interested in investigating the virus.

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Gen V’s Supe Virus Could Set Up The Boys’ Comic Book Ending

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in The Boys Season 3

Billy Butcher’s mid-credits scene sets up an incredibly exciting possibility, and Gen V‘s supe virus perfectly leads into the comic book ending of The Boys. In The Boys comics, Billy Butcher’s arc ends with him using a biological weapon to wipe out a massive number of supes, with this desperate and genocidal tactic being Butcher’s most successful attack yet. While this dark moment is key to the ending of The Boys comics, it hasn’t been hinted yet in the Amazon Prime Video franchise yet, leading many fans to wonder if this ending will be changed. However, this may not be the case.

As it turns out, Gen V‘s supe virus may be what leads up to Billy Butcher’s comic book ending. If Butcher truly does get his hands on the supe virus, he could easily use it to recreate his attack on the supes in the comics. The supe virus is the perfect biological weapon to fit this role, as Shetty ensured that it was contagious and worked on any supe. Although using the virus would be controversial among the main casts of The Boys and Gen V, Billy Butcher is desperate enough to undoubtedly employ the tactic.

How Billy Butcher Could Get The Supe Virus In The Boys Season 4

Victoria Neuman smiling in Gen V

Billy Butcher wants the supe virus, and here’s how he could get it in The Boys season 4. At the end of Gen V, Victoria Neuman is the only person who is in possession of the supe virus, with every other sample being destroyed and Dr. Cardosa being dead. Because of this, the Boys will have to get the virus from Neuman. The team was already planning on going after Victoria Neuman in season 4 anyway, and her ownership of the virus is just another good reason to do so. The supe virus will most likely be the main plot device in The Boys season 4, and it’s all thanks to Gen V.

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