Does Homelander Die in the Comics & Who Could Kill Him?

Fans of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys are curious about whether or not Homelander dies in the comics and which character could kill him. Here are both your questions answered.

Does Homelander die in the comics?

Yes, Homelander dies in the comics. He is killed by Black Noir, who reveals himself as Homelander’s clone.

In the comics, Homelander attempts a supe uprising at the Oval Office after he is driven mad by photographic evidence of him committing various crimes, including the rape of Billy Butcher’s wife Becca, which he does not recall doing. Homelander then does unspeakable things to the President’s head and sits in his chair. Billy Butcher, armed with a crowbar, goes to confront him.

Before Butcher and Homelander deal with one another, Black Noir arrives and, in a shocking twist of fate, reveals himself as Homelander’s clone, created by Vought International as a contingency for Homelander if he ever went rogue. Black Noir then reveals that he was the one who committed the aforementioned crimes, including Becca Butcher’s rape and created the photos to drive Homelander insane as he was impatient to wait for Homelander to lose control.

Homelander and Black Noir then fight in a gruesome duel that ends with Homelander getting a nasty death, when Noir rips him and his organs apart from the inside.

Who Could Kill Homelander in the TV show?

Soldier Boy and Ryan Butcher are two characters who can kill Homelander.

The third season of The Boys established Soldier Boy as being more powerful than Homelander and possessing a radiation-emitting energy that can take away a Supe’s power, evidenced by how Queen Maeve lost her powers when she came in contact with Soldier Boy’s energy blast. Assuming Soldier Boy still has these powers and is brought to the forefront again, he can render Homelander powerless and kill him.

Ryan Butcher, Homelander’s son and a natural-born supe, proved to have the potential to surpass his father when he killed one of the strongest supes, Stormfront, with his heat vision. Once Ryan fully trains himself and masters his abilities, Homelander would stand no chance against his own son, who could beat him.

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