Dark Gathering Episode 15: What to Expect?

A new supernatural horror series is in the town; Dark Gathering can be quite thrilling and chill to watch. It revolves around who can detect spirits, Keitaro. He is tasked to teach a prodigy named Yayoi. He acquires information about Yayoi’s supernatural abilities from his close friend Eiko and decides to help the child search for the spirit that took her mother away in the past. As the spirit hunt starts, the character indulges in a creepy adventure with sprinkles of lighthearted antics every now and then.

When is Dark Gathering Episode 15 coming out?

Episodes of this anime are airing in Japan on Tokyo MX, AT-X, BS Asahi, and Amazon Prime Video. Viewers outside Asian territories can stream this series on HiDive. 

With Episode 15 of Dark Gathering just around the corner, it will be released on Sunday, 15th October, at approximately 5 p.m. (GMT), 10 a.m. (PT), 12 p.m. (CT). Now, the time for the episode to get uploaded on the streaming platforms might vary; however, it’s always close to the official release time.

Here is the preview of Episode 15 of the series titled That Man – Raijuta.

Dark Gathering episode 14 recap

Image Credit: Crunchyroll

Episode 14 features Keitaro, Yayoi, and Eiko reaching the Old F Tunnel. Eiko digs up information about the location, and the trio moves inside. However, Eiko separates herself from the other two outside the tunnel’s entrance. There, she crosses paths with a YouTuber named Anna. 

Both of them talk about a Psycho Killer tale and realize they’re in a loop. Further, Anna opens up about being one of the Psycho Killer Spirit’s victims. The spirit in discussion arrives and takes Eiko to an isolated area in the Old Old F Tunnel location. Meanwhile, Yayoi alerts Keitaro about the fake Eiko traveling with them.

Yayoi instantly attacks the fake Eiko, and it turns out to be Anna’s former friend. Both of them try to save Eiko from the Psycho Killer Spirit, but it gets away along with Eiko. Finally, the episode concludes with both of them heading inside the spirit’s domain. 

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