Big Brother 25 Week 11 Power Of Veto Results (Spoilers)





  • The Big Brother week 11 Power of Veto comp had two winners: Jag (HOH) and Blue (nominee).
  • Blue will save herself, leaving Jag to name a replacement nominee.
  • Jag should consider targeting Cory and America, breaking up the showmance. This could be a turning point in the game for him.

The Big Brother 25 week 11 Power of Veto competition has been played, and, because of the Power of Multiplicity, there are two winners: current Head of Household (HOH) Jag Bains and current nominee Blue Kim. Jag became the HOH shielded by the Power of Invisibility, which kept his identity a secret. However, he told his Final 2 Minutemen alliance partner Matt Klotz, Bowie Jane, and showmance Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez that he’s the HOH this week. He nominated Blue and Felicia Cannon for eviction, with Blue as his target.

The Big Brother 25 live feeds have revealed that Jag and Blue won the Power of Veto competition, with one veto each due to the Power of Multiplicity. There were two Power of Veto competitions, with Jag winning the first one and Blue winning the second. This is Jag’s fourth Power of Veto win and Blue’s first. At the end of the competition, Felicia received the punishment of 24 hours in solitary confinement in the BB Comics room.

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How Will The Power of Veto Affect Jag’s HOH Plans?

Big Brother 25 player Jag Bains' promo photo

Blue will definitely use the Power of Veto to save herself, so Jag will have to name a replacement nominee for her. Since he won the other veto, he can choose to leave Felicia on the block, or save her too, and nominate two totally different people. Although his main target will come off the block, he still has all of the power to control who the nominees are moving forward.

Perhaps this will be the week that Jag and Matt finally take the shot at America and Cory. Jag should nominate one of them in Blue’s place, or use his veto as well and nominate both of them. Jag and Matt could easily beat Bowie, Felicia, and Cirie Fields in any physical competition, so it would be smarter for them to keep them around. Felicia and Cirie would also continue to target whoever stays between Cory and America. Cirie and Felicia don’t seem to be coming after Jag and Matt, so this might be the best move for Jag moving forward, especially if Blue ever tries to take revenge on him.

Jag has had no problem turning on his alliance members in the past, including Blue and Cameron Hardin. It wouldn’t be surprising if he changed his mind about wanting to keep America and Cory in the game longer as well. This could be a turning point in the game if the showmance is finally broken up. They’ve been instrumental in orchestrating many of the evictions this season, and they are definitely the biggest threat at this point. Time will tell if Jag decides to play it safe or takes a chance with his replacement nominee(s). This is a very important moment for him in Big Brother 25.

Big Brother 25 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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