Are Taylor & JP Still Together? (SPOILERS)


  • Love Is Blind season 5 introduced Taylor and JP, the first engaged couple from the experiment. However, their in-person rapport was terrible, leading to an awkward relationship.
  • Taylor and JP broke up in Mexico due to JP’s issues with Taylor wearing makeup, which he found deceitful. They have not gotten back together since.
  • While Taylor seems to be focusing on herself, JP has been seeing a girl for a year, according to Love Is Blind cast member Izzy Zapata.




Love Is Blind season 5 introduced viewers to the connection between Taylor Rue and Jared “JP” Pierce, and there are updates about their relationship status. Taylor and JP had an instant connection in the pods and were the first couple to get engaged from this season’s experiment. However, after the reveal, it became clear their in-person rapport was terrible. JP clammed up when it came to communication, and Taylor found it extremely difficult to get JP to talk at all. Passed initial affection during the engagement moon in Mexico, the pair became extremely awkward.

Taylor finally drew the truth out of JP regarding his lack of communication. He felt like Taylor was deceitful by presenting herself with makeup when they first met. He hated the fact that she wore makeup and wanted Taylor to have a natural look. Taylor resented JP’s assertions and, after sleeping on it in a separate room, decided to end things in Mexico. Only two couples made it to the altar on Love Is Blind season 5. Two other couples became engaged during the experiment but were edited out of the season because one person was suing, and another couple presented sketchy circumstances.

Who Is Taylor Rue?Taylor Love Is Blind Season 5

26-year-old Taylor was single for four years before participating on Love Is Blind season 5. Taylor, who is a kindergarten teacher, loves Christmas and is looking for someone honest, faithful, and ready for marriage. Taylor loves posing tastefully for pics on Instagram and has a love of fashion and traveling.

Who Is Jared “JP” PierceJared JP Love Is Blind Season 5

JP is a 32-year-old firefighter working for the Houston Fire Department. He is very patriotic and obsessive about wearing red, white, and blue. He has the least active Instagram account of the primary Love Is Blind season 5 cast members. From what he does post, it’s clear that JP is passionate about his job and physical fitness.

Are Taylor & JP Still Together?

Taylor and JP from Love Is Blind Season 5 kissing during reveal

Taylor could not get over JP’s despondency and attack on the way she presented herself. They have not gotten back together since their Mexico breakup. However, they do seem amicable since they still follow each other on Instagram. Taylor does not seem to have moved on to anyone new and appears to be focusing on herself. According to Love Is Blind season 5 cast member Izzy Zapata, who spent a lot of time with JP in the pods, “He’s been seeing a girl for a year now so obviously he’s doing something right” (per The Viall Files podcast.) JP has yet to share that woman’s identity on social media.

Source: Taylor Rue/Instagram, Jared Pierce/Instagram, The Viall Files

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