8 Beginner Tips For Lords Of The Fallen

When it comes to complex souls-like RPGs such as Lords of the Fallen, it’s no secret that some beginner tips will come in handy. Especially considering CI Games brings even more confusing concepts into the mix by allowing players to venture between Axiom, the realm of the living, and Umbral, the realm of the dead. As a result, it doesn’t hurt to wrap your head around a couple of the game’s concepts before you throw yourself in the fire that is Lords of the Fallen.



Lords of the Fallen introduces novel ideas into the souls-like genre, such as Soulflaying, Respec, and your Umbral Lamp. Thankfully, these beginner tips will break down everything you need to understand the game and get the ball rolling. After that, you can also learn how to level up fast in Lords of the Fallen to make the most of your playthrough.

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8 Explore Thoroughly

These beginner tips will help break down some of Lords of the Fallen's complex gameplay.

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to distinguish between the Axiom and Umbral realms. Most of your time will be spent in the Axiom realm, but you can look into the Umbral world by holding up your Umbral Lamp. You can find many secret doors and passages throughout Axiom by peering through your Umbral Lamp. For example, you must enter the Umbral Realm and find a secret passage to find the Skyrest Bridge Key.

You can pull out your Umbral Lamp by switching to it on your d-pad, pressing L-Ctrl on the keyboard and mouse, or pressing Left Trigger/L2 on your controller.

As a result, one of the best beginner tips is to thoroughly explore Axiom, which means using your Umbral Lamp to look for secret pathways everywhere and interacting with almost everything. If you don’t, you will miss many side missions and valuable loot throughout the game.

7 Using Your Umbral Lamp

These beginner tips will help break down some of Lords of the Fallen's complex gameplay.

Your Umbral Lamp can be used for more than just exploration or traveling between realms in Lords of the Fallen. In fact, you can do Wither damage with your Umbral Lamp using the Soulflay attack. Furthermore, this attack will pull the enemy’s soul out of their body and leave them vulnerable to a free hit. Aside from that, you can use your Umbral Lamp to interact with the environment, destroy nodes, and even create new forge Vestiges by planting a vestige seed when you find an Umbral bed of flowers.

You can fully cross over to the Umbral Realm by pressing Q while your Umbral Lamp is out (Square or X on Controller). Just be careful; the longer you spend in the Umbral Realm, the more difficult the enemies get.

Although it’s essential to get familiar with using your Umbral Lamp, its Soul Flaying power is limited. Every time you use it on an enemy, you will use up a Soulflay charge, which you can identify by the white blocks under your stamina and mana bars. You need to use your Umbral Lamp to siphon enemies or Umbral blisters to replenish these bars. However, using your Umbral Lamp to perform other commands, such as opening chests or pulling out platforms, doesn’t cost a Soulflay charge.

6 Wither Health Explained

These beginner tips will help break down some of Lords of the Fallen's complex gameplay.

Wither health is one of the most confusing aspects of Lords of the Fallen. You can tell if you have it by the gray portion of your health bar. Every time you damage an enemy, a portion of your withered health will return to normal health. As a result, you can essentially never heal and just keep restoring your health this way. The catch is that if you take damage while having withered health, you will lose it all and take regular damage from the attack.

You gain Wither health by traveling to the Umbral Realm, healing in the realm, taking damage from enemies, or simply blocking. By knowing how Wither health works and effectively using it, you can save your Sanguinarix charges for when you really need them.

5 Summon Allies for Boss Fights

These beginner tips will help break down some of Lords of the Fallen's complex gameplay.

Like any other soul-like game, Lords of the Fallen is full of difficult boss fights. Fortunately, CI Games was kind enough to allow players to summon allies to aid them in boss fights. If you encounter a moth statue before entering a boss fight arena, you can interact with it to summon allies to aid you. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all boss fights; for example, Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, must be bested alone.

4 How To Use Vestige Seeds

These beginner tips will help break down some of Lords of the Fallen's complex gameplay.

If you’ve ever played the Dark Souls series, a Vestige is similar to a Bonfire in that they both serve as a resting and saving point. However, Lords of the Fallen also has Umbral flowerbeds, which you can plant a vestige seed to create a new Vestige. You can get vestige seeds as a drop after a boss fight, from certain Umbral enemies or Molhu at Skyrest Bridge for 2,500 Vigor.

It’s also worth noting that only one Umbral flowerbed can be active at any time. So, if you use a vestige seedling on a new Umbral flowerbed, your old one will no longer be active.

3 Healing Tips

Lords of The Fallen These beginner tips will help break down some of Lords of the Fallen's complex gameplay.

Apart from healing from Wither damage, Sanguinarix is the primary means of restoring your health in Lords of the Fallen. Your Sanguinariz will initially have a few charges, but you can upgrade it to get more. You will need Saintly Quintessence, which you can get by Soulflaying Umbral Tumors in the Umbral Realm. Once you have obtained it, give it to Pieta at Skyrest Bridge to increase the number of charges in your Sanguinarix.

Alternatively, you can use the Briostone consumable to heal you over time. If you want to buy some, you can purchase them from Stomund at Skyrest Bridge for 200 Vigor.

2 Upgrading Weapons and Socket Runes

These beginner tips will help break down some of Lords of the Fallen's complex gameplay.

It won’t feel like you’re scaling with the game difficulty if you don’t upgrade your weapons. As a result, you must upgrade your weapons and armor at Lords of the Fallen’s sole blacksmith, Gerlinde. To upgrade your gear, you will need Deralim, which can be found throughout the game, dropped by enemies, and even purchased from some merchants.

You must first unlock Gerlinde, the blacksmith, by rescuing her from her cell below the Blind Agatha Vestige.

On top of upgrading weapons, Gerlinde’s services also allow you to socket runes into your weapons in Lords of the Fallen. This is possible after you have given her the Cracked Rune Tablet from Fitroy’s Gorge. Socket runes can do various things, such as reducing the weight of your weapon, restoring mana when you hit an enemy, or increasing strength scaling. In general, socket runes act like attributes for your weapons, making them more rewarding to use.

1 Respec Your Build

These beginner tips will help break down some of Lords of the Fallen's complex gameplay.

Although there are only six stats to upgrade in Lords of the Fallen, you may want to change how your build turned out. Alternatively, you could be stuck at a certain point because your build lacks Vitality or Strength. In any case, you can respec your build, which allows you to reallocate your character’s stats. In other words, they can be rebuilt from the ground up. However, it is not as simple as pressing a button.

You first need to beat Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal. Second, you need to buy Rebirth Chrysalis from Molhu at Skyrest Bridge for a light 8,00 vigor. Once you have obtained it, proceed to Pieta’s vestige and exhaust her dialogue options until you see “Use Rebirth Chrysalis.” Now, you can shoot for a new build in Lords of the Fallen.

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