2 More Yellowstone Spinoffs In Development

Two new Yellowstone spinoffs have been revealed, taking the franchise to different points in time as the flagship series comes to an end.

This article covers a developing story. Continue to check back with us as we will be adding more information as it becomes available.


  • Yellowstone expands its universe with two new spinoffs set in different time periods, including a present-day story in 2024.
  • The new spinoffs, 1944 and 2024, will delve into different eras, offering fresh perspectives on the Dutton family’s ranch.
  • With the original series ending, Yellowstone is ensuring its fans will have more captivating content to look forward to in the near future.



Yellowstone is getting two new spinoffs set in different time periods as the original series comes to a close. Previous spinoffs of the Western drama include 1883 and 1923, shows that explore the Dutton family’s ranch around a century before the events of the main series. Another spinoff titled 6666 is also in development, shifting focus to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed two more spinoffs of Yellowstone have entered development. One is the previously announced 1944, which was reported as a sequel to 1923. Another is a present-day story with the current title of 2024.

More to come…

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