12 Of The Most Relatable Couples On TV


  • TV couples should accurately represent the complexities of real-life relationships, with ups and downs, struggles, and growth.
  • Chemistry is important, but a relatable TV couple should also show the ability to resolve differences and work through problems.
  • Realistic portrayals of relationships are essential, even in fictional shows, as they provide viewers with relatable experiences and representation.



Some TV romances are often dramatized and can create unrealistic expectations of what a real-life relationship should be like, but other TV couples have some relatable relationships. Often, relationships on TV can be executed poorly. While there are couples who prove that they are meant for each other, some TV couples have the worst chemistry that has viewers questioning why they are together. The best TV shows as well as the best TV characters of all time have proven that fictional couples must be relatable, often showing that relationships are not always sunshine and roses but rain and mud, too.

When it comes to couples on TV, it’s essential that they accurately represent the nuances of relationships and should be well-written so that audiences can relate to them. For a TV couple to be relatable, it should have more going for it other than good chemistry. A relatable couple on TV should portray the ups and downs of relationships while also showing that it’s possible to resolve differences and be better. Fairytale couples might be the ideal, but a little dash of realism is essential in making a TV couple more relatable.

12 April & Andy – Parks And Recreation

April and Andy cuddle up at their wedding.

Parks and Recreation was undoubtedly one of the funniest shows on TV. Even though it was mainly a sitcom, it did have some delightful couples, including April and Andy. April and Andy had big personalities that could sometimes clash, but they often did their best to make their relationship work. It’s common for relationships on TV to go from a simple crush to full-time love in the span of a few episodes, but April and Andy fell gradually for each other. April and Andy’s relationship had everyday struggles that real-life couples face.

They dealt with jealousy, insecurity, and long distance, but they always managed to put their differences aside and fix their problems. April and Andy not only grew together as a couple, but they each had to grow in their ways to have a healthy relationship. They were always there for each other through the ups and downs of life. They may have had polar opposite personalities, but they shared a sense of spontaneity and weirdness that made their relationship enjoyable.

11 Barney & Robin – How I Met Your Mother

Barney and Robin might not have ended up together, but their relationship was relatable in several ways. One of the things that made Barney and Robin a great couple is that they initially started as friends before they fell for each other. Like many couples, Barney and Robin broke up when things weren’t working out but got back together. Even though Barney was a player before he got with Robin, he changed his ways so he could be a better partner. They had instances when they both doubted if they wanted to be with each other, but they still tried to make it work.

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Barney and Robin also experienced moments of unrequited love that many couples face. They were always there for each other and struggled together. They had to actively work through their struggles and fights for them to stay together. Although they don’t stay together forever, Barney and Robin remain good friends after their relationship ends.

10 Monica & Chandler – Friends

Monica and Chandler Friends wedding

Of all the relationships on Friends, Monica and Chandler were the most relatable couple. Monica and Chandler had known each other for years. When they eventually got into a relationship, which incidentally started as a fling, they were already familiar with each other’s personalities, likes, dislikes, and quirks. The couple did not always get along nor see eye to eye on everything, but the strength in their relationship lay in always trying to figure things out together. They had great chemistry, a romantic relationship, and a lightheartedness, making them one of the most popular couples on TV.

9 Jim & Pam – The Office

Pam smiling at Jim who's smiling into the camera in season 9 of The Office.

The Office is one of the best workplace sitcoms on TV, so it made sense that one of the most relatable TV couples was workmates. Jim and Pam’s relationship did not start easy. When they began to develop feelings for each other, Pam was in a relationship with Roy that she was too afraid to let go of. Nevertheless, the two got together and bonded over inside jokes and mundane everyday moments. Jima and Pam’s relationship was as far from a fairytale as could be, but their love, friendship, and support for each other were rooted in a realism that made them a great couple.

8 Randall & Beth – This Is Us

No relationship is always perfect, and Randall and Beth from This is Us are the ideal example of that. Understanding a partner in a relationship is one of the things that can not only help a relationship last but also remain healthy. Randall and Beth understood each other in ways that mattered. As a couple, they accepted each other’s strengths and weaknesses and were stronger because of that. Beth did not try to swoop in and fix Randall’s anxiety but instead always encouraged him to get professional help. They made parenting decisions together and kept their romance alive.

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Most importantly, though, they were each their person. Beth and Randall stood by each other through every struggle they endured. They did their best to be a good couple and great parents. When they had problems in their marriage, they talked them through and came out even stronger. Their love, respect for each other, and sense of humor helped them get through whatever difficulties were thrown at them.

7 Bette & Tina The – L Word

Bette and Tina The - L Word

Bette and Tina’s relationship had a lot of ups and downs. The 20-year-old on-and-off relationship was not perfect, but the couple had many things that made them relatable. Bette and Tina went through many challenges that they did not always overcome, but they had a great friendship, and respect, and were always there for each other. They also had a great co-parenting relationship, which shows how close their bond was. Despite their struggles, Tina was Bette’s one true love. Another element that makes them a relatable and important couple is how their portrayal contributed to the representation of lesbian relationships on TV.

6 Carrie & John – Sex and The City

Collage featuring Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Aidan Shaw (John Corbett), and Mr. Big (Chris Noth) from Sex and the City and And Just Like That...

Carrie and John’s on-and-off relationship is one of the most essential romances in Sex and the City. The fact that they maintained their independence even though they were married to each other made them relatable. Carrie and John did not always agree and got into many arguments, but they still cared for each other and worked on their problems together. The couple took the time to learn about each other’s interests to understand each other better. Carrie and John might have had a messy relationship, but they supported each other, loved each other, and grew together.

5 Jane & Michael – Jane The Virgin

Michael and GIna in Jane the Virgin

Jane and Michael’s relationship was complicated, to say the least. After getting accidentally artificially inseminated and then getting pregnant with Raphael’s child, Jane and Micheal’s relationship struggled to find its groove. Although getting accidentally artificially inseminated is something that most people cannot relate to, Jane and Michaels’s relationship struggles are nevertheless rooted in realism. Like many couples, they faced money problems and had fights, but they emerged stronger than ever. Michael always supported Jane, and they had a fun and spontaneous relationship that will always tug at the heartstrings.

4 Dre & Rainbow – Black-ish

Dre & Rainbow - Black-ish

Dre and Rainbow had different personalities that ended up working well together. While Dre is goofy and funny, Rainbow is more grounded and intelligent. The couple loved and supported each other as they went through the ups and downs of marriage. Even though Dre and Rainbow separated and almost got a divorce, they put their challenges aside and worked through their marriage. They are great parents who do not always see eye to eye when it comes to their children, but they work hard at figuring out what’s best for them and their children.

3 Claire & Phil – Modern Family

Modern Family Halloween Episode with Claire and Phill dressed up

Claire and Phil’s relationship was integral in making Modern Family more relatable. Claire and Phil’s relationship had a lot of great things about it. They supported each other’s careers, were a united front, and loved each other. Their differences, however, caused a lot of conflict between the couple. They sometimes disagreed on how to parent their children and could get into arguments that couldn’t be quickly resolved. What makes them a relatable couple is not only the struggles they went through but how they ultimately always found a way back to each other and grew stronger.

2 Patrick & David- Schitt’s Creek

Patrick and David in bed together in Schitt's Creek

Patrick and David are the most relatable couple on Schitt’s Creek. Their relationship started as a friendship that transcended into marriage. On the surface, Patrick and David might seem wrong for each other. Whereas David is disorganized and indecisive, Patrick has a can-do attitude and a soft spirit. Their differences, instead of tearing them apart, balance their relationship. Patrick and David took care of each other and were not shy about doing cheesy things that could make their partner happy. They have moments when they bicker and fight, but their love for each other keeps them together.

Patrick and David started as friends, but the chemistry they had oozed from the moment they met. They learned from each other and made each other better. The couple might have gone through many highs and lows, but their relationship is a relatable representation of how couples can change. Like many couples, they had a cute song that portrayed their love for each other. Patrick and David are not only a joy to watch as a couple, but their relationship is an essential example of LGBTQ+ representation on TV.

1 Amy & Jake – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Amy Santiago Jake Peralta Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When Brooklyn Nine-Nine started, Amy could not see herself ending up with Jake. Amy was grounded and realistic, while Jake was goofy and seemed like he would never grow up. When they got together, it became clear that they were meant for each other. Amy and Jake supported each other and trusted each other during the TV show. Their differences ended up being one of the main reasons they worked so well together. Even though they sometimes butted heads, Amy and Jake were never afraid to compromise for the good of their relationship. They worked together and eventually got married, but they also remained truthful about who they were.

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