12 Alice In Borderland Characters Ranked Worst To Best


  • Alice in Borderland features a range of interesting heroes and villains, ranking the characters from worst to best reveals their complexity and development.
  • Some characters like Ann, and Heiya were not as interesting or well-developed compared to others, and their roles in the story felt redundant or wasted.
  • Characters like Usagi, Kuina, Kyuma, and Chishiya stand out as some of the best and most compelling characters in the show, with strong personalities and memorable moments.



Ranking the main Alice in Borderland characters from worst to best reveals how many interesting heroes and villains the show features. Netflix’s Alice in Borderland is based on the manga of the same name by Haro Aso, who also created Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. Surprisingly, even though Arisu and his friends seemly returned to the real world at the end of season 2, Alice in Borderland’s story is not over – meaning all the fan-favorite characters can return.

Not much is known about Alice in Borderland season 3’s story, although the Joker Card from the season 2 finale has been front and center in the marketing. Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya) are so far the only characters confirmed to return, but anything is possible given how season 2 ended. Here are 12 Alice in Borderland characters, ranked.

12 Niragi

Suguru Niragi looking confused in Alice in Borderland

A villain who seemingly died and came back multiple times, Niragi should not have been around as long as he was in Alice in Borderland. While the frustration of seeing a repulsive villain returning from the dead is an interesting narrative trick, Niragi’s role in the story became repetitive. Even when the show tried to set up some form of redemption arc with his return in Alice in Borderland season 2, he remained a villain and repeated the same actions from season 1. Niragi was never supposed to be the “final boss” of the story either, making his role in season 2 redundant, despite Dori Sakurada’s great performance.

11 Ann

Ann raising her hand Chishiya wearing a white hoodie in Alice in Borderland.

Ann had the potential to be one of the best Alice in Borderland characters. Unfortunately, the show never gave Ayaka Miyoshi’s character enough time to shine. Ann was introduced midway through Alice in Borderland season 1 as one of the most important people on the Beach. Still, not much was revealed about the character, except that she used to work as a forensics scientist in the real world. Ann returned in Alice in Borderland season 2 and had her own separate plot – investigate where exactly they had been this whole time. However, Ann’s investigation led nowhere, meaning the show once again wasted the character in season 2.

10 Heiya

Alice in Borderland season 2 King of Spades fight

Heiya (Yuri Tsunematsu) was one of the new additions to Alice in Borderland season 2’s cast. While the show made an effort to showcase Heiya’s origin story through flashbacks from before she met Aguni and Arisu, not much was really established about the character other than she hated her mother. Heiya’s archery skills were a highlight of season 2, especially in the Alice in Borderland season 2 finale. Still, compared to other characters who received more screen time and were far better developed, Heiya wasn’t too interesting.

9 Mira (Queen Of Hearts)

The Queen of Hearts in Alice in Borderland season 2

Alice in Borderland’s Face Card players were the main antagonists of season 2. While some of them were nothing but one-time obstacles for the main characters to overcome, such as the King of Diamonds and the Queen of Spades, the Queen of Hearts (Riisa Naka) had a surprisingly strong presence. Even though Mira was not given a backstory, the Queen of Hearts still managed to leave a mark on the series, namely in the season 2 finale. Whereas all the other Face Card citizens would use a gimmick or physical strength during a game, the Queen of Hearts almost beat Arisu using nothing but words.

8 Aguni

Aguni looking scared with a fresh wound on his face in Alice in Borderland.

From villain to anti-hero, Aguni (Sho Aoyagi) had one of the best character arcs in the show. It must be noted that Aguni’s actions during his time at the Beach, especially letting Usagi be captured, make a case for the character to be considered irredeemable. Fortunately, Alice in Borderland never tries to picture Aguni as a hero, although he does become one of the leading characters in season 2. The highlight of Aguni’s story, however, was in season 1. Following the Hatter’s mysterious death, Aguni had to face his demons in an intense, emotional sequence amidst the chaos of the Ten of Hearts game.

7 Chota

Chota looking scared and wearing goggles in Alice in Borderland.

While it may seem odd to list a character who died in season 1, episode 3 as one of the show’s best, Arisu’s best friends made their mark on Alice in Borderland. Chota (Yuki Morinaga), who believed himself to be a coward, was at the center of one of the most emotional and tragic moments in the entire series. Chota fought Shibuki to protect Arisu and, alongside Karube, chose to die to save his best friend. Chota would then appear in a couple of scenes throughout the show in the form of an illusion guiding Arisu during key times.

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6 Karube

Karube wearing goggles and looking at someone offscreen in Alice in Borderland.

Almost everything said about Chota applies to Karube (Keita Machida), who also died in Alice in Borderland season 1, episode 3. Whereas Chota was shy, Karube was full of confidence and had many plans in the real world. Even still, he chose not to fight Arisu during the Seven of Hearts game and let his friend survive. The scene in which Karube accepts his fate and smiles as Arisu begins to cry is arguably the best moment of the show. Even after two seasons, both Chota and Karube remain among the best Alice in Borderland characters.

5 Arisu

Arisu looking out, with a blue light on his face in Alice in Borderland.

Arisu, the “Alice” referenced in the title, is the main character and driving force of Alice in Borderland. The fact that the show includes so many great characters, from villains to heroes, could play against Arisu. Fortunately, while Arisu is not necessarily the most interesting Alice in Borderland character, he does not suffer from “main character problems.” From his bond with his friends to his relationship with Usagi, Arisu is always at the center of the show’s most compelling moments. Arisu has a lot of heart, and, despite facing the most terrible situations throughout the series, he never becomes a worse version of himself.

4 Usagi

Yuzuha Usagi in Alice in Borderland

Usagi, the leading Alice in Borderland character alongside Arisu, could also have faced “protagonist problems.” For example, it was easy to predict whenever Usagi was going to survive a game, mostly because her and Arisu’s story would never be completed before the end of the series. Even still, Usagi is a compelling character, from her introduction as a mysterious and skillful player to her relationship with Arisu. Usagi was also at the center of the most intense action sequences in Alice in Borderland, including but not limited to her performance in the King of Clubs game. Usagi will now surely be involved in Alice in Borderland season 3’s Joker game.

3 Kuina

Kuina in Alice in Borderland season 2

With a strong personality and even stronger martial arts moves, Kuina (Asahina Aya) is among the best Alice in Borderland characters who were not necessarily the leading ones. She was introduced early in season 1 as one of the many people living at the Beach, and it was unclear whether she and Chishiya would be on the side of the heroes. Whereas Chishiya made some questionable decisions during the Beach segment, Kuina remained loyal to her friends during the entire show. Seeing Kuina’s backstory and what fighting meant for her added even more lawyers to the character, who fortunately stayed around until the end of season 2.

2 Kyuma (King Of Clubs)

Ginji Kyuma the King of Clubs in Alice in Borderland

Kyuma (Tomohisa Yamashita) was only in Alice in Borderland season 2 for three episodes. Even still, it is difficult not to consider the King of Clubs one of the best characters in the whole show. While some characters need multiple episodes of development to leave a strong impression, Kyuma only needed a few lines to be a highlight of the season. Each Face Card citizen believed in the message but their respective games, but Kyuma seemed to have an understanding of the world they were in that went beyond that of any other character. Between the real world and the games, it seems like Kyuma was always happy about his life.

1 Chishiya

Alice in Borderland season 2 King of Diamonds game

Almost every Alice in Borderland character has at least one major moment in which they shine, but Chishiya (Nijiro Murakami) has several. From the second game of season 2 to the King of Diamonds, Chishiya stole the show every time he was on screen. The fact that the two best Alice in Borderland games – Solitary Confinement and Beauty Contest – were centered on Chishiya highlights how great of a character he is. Chishiya’s surprising backstory made him even more layered in retrospect. In addition, the way nothing seemed to bother him made for great scenes. Chishiya is Alice in Borderland’s best character, especially after season 2.

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