10 Unanswered Questions & Mysteries The Boys Season 4 Can Answer

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Gen V episode 8!




  • Gen V season 1 leaves viewers with mysteries and unanswered questions, setting the stage for future storylines in The Boys season 4 and Gen V season 2.
  • Victoria Neuman’s possession of the supe virus raises questions about how she plans to use it, with potential implications for her power over supes like Homelander.
  • The whereabouts of Marie’s sister and the fate of Marie, Andre, Emma, and Jordan in the Gen V ending remain unknown, creating anticipation for future developments in The Boys season 4.

Gen V season 1 is jampacked with several revelations related to The Boys’ universe, but, at the same time, it also leaves viewers with many mysteries and questions about what might happen next in the franchise. Unlike The Boys, which is primarily driven by its action and complex character beats, Gen V initially snags a viewer’s attention by creating an air mystery around the malicious anti-supe experiment ensuing in Godolkin University’s underbelly. Apart from that, Gen V also manages to create an identity for itself by highlighting how the powers of its main supe characters are directly linked to their mental health.

However, despite having so many narrative differences, Gen V gradually connects the events of its storyline with The Boys and paves the way for the parent series’ season 4. In its final moments, Gen V carefully removes the tapestry around several underlying mysteries but still avoids providing all answers to leave enough content for The Boys season 4 and Gen V season 2. While some of these unanswered questions and unresolved mysteries are relatively trivial, others will likely become some of the biggest plot points in the franchise’s future storylines.

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10 What Victoria Neuman Plans To Do With The Supe Virus

Antony Starr as Homelander and Claudia Doumit as Victoria Neuman in The Boys

Victoria Neuman cleverly tricks Cardosa into giving her the supe virus, but it still remains unknown how she will use it. Since she and her daughter are also supes, she will not tread the same path as Dean Shetty and avoid mindlessly sending the virus out in the real world. However, she will also not destroy it, given how it is a weapon that gives her power over even some of the strongest supes like Homelander. The virus still has limitations and is not airborne, suggesting that even if Neuman intends to use it on Homelander someday, she will have to formulate a well-thought-out plan to get into his bloodstream.

9 What Is Going In The Homelander Trial

The Boys Season 3 Anthony Starr as Homelander

In several pre-Gen V promos, The Boys franchise hinted that Homelander is facing trial for killing a non-supe civilian in broad daylight. Gen V was expected to provide some concrete answers surrounding the trial and how it has been progressing. However, unfortunately, the show only drops a few references to the legal proceedings in the case. One of these details reveals that human jurors will be involved in the trial, which will likely not favor Homelander unless he pulls out the victim card and starts accusing them of discriminating against him because he is a supe. Other details surrounding the trial remain largely unknown, but The Boys season 4 will delve deeper into its intricacies.

8 Where Is Marie’s Sister

Marie looking shocked in Gen V episode 8

Finding her sister’s whereabouts has been one of the biggest motivators for Marie to take the morally correct path in Gen V. At the same time, it has also been one of her greatest weaknesses because she is willing to do anything to know where her sister is. Since Gen V season 1 does not reveal where she is or whether she is alive, Marie’s sister, her whereabouts, and her fate could become a significant plot point in The Boys season 4 or Gen V season 2. If something bad happened to Marie’s sister, it could also serve as a catalyst that would push Marie to unleash the true potential of her powers.

7 Where Were Marie, Andre, Emma, & Jordan In Gen V’s Ending

Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau in Gen V season 1 ending

While it seems likely that Marie, Andre, Emma, and Jordan were being held captive somewhere in the Vought Towers, many things about their imprisonment do not line up. For instance, Andre has his phone in the prison cell while Emma casually sits in a corner and sips a smoothie. The room does not even have any windows or doors, making it hard not to wonder how they got there in the first place. Is it possible that Cate has again used the push to trap them inside a prison of combined consciousness? Even if they are in the Vought Towers, will they ever make it out, considering how they are being labeled as the murderers responsible for Godolkin’s massacre?

6 Will Vought Shut Down Goldolkin University After The Gen V Massacre

Homelander and Godolkin University

Godolkin University was initially touted as the best school for supes, which is why Marie was ecstatic when her application for the university got accepted. However, following the massacre, would Godolkin still uphold its previously established reputation? Not to mention, since Ashley Barrett got a first-hand experience of what young supes are capable of doing if they stand together, will she consider shutting down Godolkin University or make other provisions in The Boys season 4 and Gen V season 2 to ensure the events of Gen V season 1’s ending never repeat.

5 Who Was Grace Mallory Talking To In Gen V’s Episode 7

An image of Grace Mallory in The Boys

When Shetty meets Grace in Gen V‘s episode 7, Grace calls her super-killing plans “a genocide.” She even compares her with Billy Butcher and claims that her hate for supes has consumed her to a degree where she cannot help but dehumanize them. However, despite disagreeing to help Shetty, Mallory calls someone right after Shetty leaves and asks them to keep a close eye on her. Since Grace Mallory has previously assisted the Boys, could she be talking to Butcher on the phone?

4 What Was Billy Butcher Doing In The Woods In Gen V’s Mid-Credits Scene

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in Gen V mid credits scene

In Gen V episode 8’s mid-credits scene, Billy Butcher walks down the dark hallways of Godolkin University’s Woods. While Gen V does not reveal what he is doing down there, the scene might be connected to the Grace Mallory call from episode 7. Grace Mallory was possibly talking to Billy Butcher, and he visited the Woods to see if he could find some information about the supe virus. If this holds true, The Boys season 4 might answer what he found in the Woods’ prison cells and how it might help him achieve his goal of overpowering supes like Homelander.

3 How Long Can Andre Continue Using His Powers

Chance Perdomo as Andre in Gen V episode 6

Since Polarity suffered neurological damage several decades after his powers, Andre may still have some time. However, the fact that controlling a helicopter in Gen V‘s episode 8 makes Andre dizzy suggests that he could put his life in danger if he tries using his Magneto-esque powers beyond a certain degree. Although The Boys is rarely predictable, Polarity’s condition in Gen V and the limitations in Andre’s abilities might have already hinted at how the young supe will meet his doom. Only time will tell how long Andre will get to live before following his father’s footsteps gets him killed.

2 Will Sam And Cate Get Recruited By The Seven In The Boys Season 4

Sam and Cate in Gen V

Sam and Cate are promoted as “The Guardians of Godolkin” towards the end of Gen V season 1. Since Marie had been shortlisted to join the Seven before she was framed for the Godolkin massacre, will Sam or Cate take her place in the supe team? After Starlight and Queen Maeve’s departure from the supe team in The Boys season 3, the Seven has room for two new supes. While Sam and Cate could fill the empty slots, their unpredictable and erratic behaviors could be a liability for Vought. Also, considering how Grace Mallory had hired someone to keep a close eye on Dean Shetty, could it be possible that the person on the other side of Grace’s call witnessed how Cate murdered Shetty?

1 What Is Homelander’s Big Plan

Homelander and Marie in Gen V season 1 finale

The way Homelander suddenly shows up when Marie explodes Cate’s arm in Gen V‘s finale suggests that he was likely using his supernatural hearing and telescopic vision to watch the Godolkin showdown from a distance. How else would he know that Marie was killing her own kind? If Homelander was looking for the right moment to interrupt the school fight and frame Marie, Andre, Emma, and Jordan as instigators of the school massacre, he probably has a much bigger plan in mind where he intends to use his influence in Vought International to get all supe supremacists on his side. Homelander’s efforts to gain more supporters may also mean that the President Homelander theory might actually materialize in The Boys season 4 or Gen V season 2.

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