10 Things We Want To Happen Before The Ending


  • The Umbrella Academy season 4 needs to resolve the Hargreeves siblings’ struggles and give them closure before the series concludes.
  • The mystery of the siblings’ birth and why Reginald Hargreeves knew about it needs to be revealed for the story to feel complete.
  • The final season should see the characters accepting themselves and their family, while also reuniting with loved ones and finding happy endings.



The Umbrella Academy season 4 will conclude the series, and there are plenty of mysteries and loose ends that need to be resolved before the finale. Since the series debuted on Netflix in 2019, it introduced the Hargreeves siblings in multiple timelines, with the characters doing all they can to stop the apocalypse. However, the series has often left viewers with more questions than answers, which hopefully can be resolved in The Umbrella Academy season 4.

It’s not going to be easy to fit everything that needs resolving into the final season of The Umbrella Academy due to the shorter episode count, but there are some things the series needs to resolve nonetheless. Each of the siblings has endured incredible struggles, and the final season is the show’s last chance to finally give them closure. Not only that, but The Umbrella Academy season 3 ended with a massive cliffhanger, ensuring season 4 will have no shortage of loose ends to tie up.

10 The Hargreeves Siblings Getting Their Powers Back

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Hargreeves Siblings

The characters have been defined by their powers their whole lives. Reginald adopted them because of the powers they possessed and trained them in the hopes of creating a famous crime-fighting team. They weren’t given opportunities like other kids and early on in their adventuring, they lost Number 6, Ben, in a mysterious incident. At the conclusion of season 3, it appears that the kids no longer have their powers with Luther visibly changed and the others unable to use their abilities. With the world seemingly overrun by businesses owned by Hargreeves, they may be the only ones who can stop it, but they need their powers back to do it.

9 The Birth Mystery Of The Umbrella’s

Elliot Page as Viktor and Hargreeves mother in Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy season 3 finale revealed that the energy and power of the Hargreeves siblings were capable of powering up the mysterious machine built in another dimension contained in the hotel. However, what caused the siblings to be born along with the other 37 babies born on the same day and time is still a mystery yet to be explored in the series. How it came to be and why Reginald Hargreeves knew about it from the start needs to be revealed in the series finale, or else the story will feel incomplete.

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8 The Apocalypse Finally Avoided

umbrella academy five and siblings apocalypse

In multiple timelines, The Umbrella Academy has fought and held back the collapse of reality on many occasions. First when Viktor threatened to bring on the Apocalypse and then in alternative realities where the Temps Commission was trying to prevent any events that were not fated to be. The world the kids have now landed in doesn’t appear to be in serious danger of an imminent collapse for reality, but it is clearly under the control and rule of an ultra-wealthy Reginald Hargreeves with almost every skyscraper bearing his name. The team deserves to be in a reality that won’t unravel, but this doesn’t seem like the right one to make a life in.

7 Viktor Accepting His Family

viktor hargreeves in umbrella academy season 3

Viktor has gone through many changes throughout the series. From coming to understand himself better and opening up about his real identity, to overcoming the overwhelming fear of their power which almost caused the apocalypse. Even Viktor’s powers in the hands of others like Harlan Cooper went on to cause unruly chaos killing the Umbrella’s mothers prior to their birth in the Sparrow timeline. Viktor has struggled to fit in with his family and truly be himself, but that started to shift in season 3. The final season should see Viktor accept and love his family, despite their quirks, and see them come together as a united team.

6 How Ben Actually Died In The Umbrella Academy

Klaus and Ben from The Umbrella Academy

One of the biggest mysteries of the series has been established since the very beginning. Number 6, Ben died in a fatal accident when the kids were younger, but the incident is never actually addressed. As a result, Klaus was the only sibling who could see and communicate with him thanks to his powers, but season 3 saw an alternate timeline Ben leading the Sparrows. The Umbrella Academy season 4 should reveal how Ben died and finally address this mystery.

5 Number Five Getting Time To Simply Grow Old

Umbrella Academy number five real age

Thanks to Five’s time-traveling abilities, they have seen a lot more of history and the future than the others, and while they may look younger than the others, the Five traveling with the rest of the team is actually much older. Five has fought against and alongside other versions of himself who were older, but after dedicating so much of their life to the Temps Commission and learning that they actually created it, Five deserves to take a break from saving the timestream. Five should finally get a chance to grow old and not be trapped in the body of a teenage boy saving the world.

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4 Klaus And Dave Reuniting

klaus and dave umbrella academy season 2

Klaus found love in 1968 in the arms of a Vietnam soldier named Dave Katz. Prior to this, and after, Klaus has struggled to keep his grip on reality as he opts to free his mind through drugs and alcohol. When Klaus was with Dave, he was at his happiest and seemed to experience genuine peace. Reuniting the couple for the finale and giving Klaus a happy ending seems like a fitting way to help him overcome his addictions and suffering.

3 Allison Having A Happily Ever After With Her Husband and Daughter

umbrella academy allison and claire

Another of the Hargreeves siblings who found love outside of their own time is Allison. Ray and Claire became the center of Allison’s universe when she was sent back in time and losing them by traveling forward was too much for her to bear. At the end of The Umbrella Academy season 3, she can be seen reunited with her husband and daughter, but separate from the rest of her siblings. How this happened and if she will be able to stay with her family or if it’s some cruel trick remains to be seen, but either way, rumor has it she deserves a happy ending.

2 Diego And Lila Settling Down

Diego and Lila looking sideways from a wall in The Umbrella Academy

Diego and Lila have a rocky relationship. Lila worked for the Temps Commission and attempted to fight against the Umbrellas prior to switching sides in order to help them overthrow the corruption that existed there. Lila also attempted to trick Diego into believing they had a grown child together and he needed to step up and take responsibility for the child he never met. This turned out to not be their child, but the couple grew to have even deeper feelings for one another, and at the end of season 3, they strolled off hand in hand to start a new life together.

It seems like this attempt at starting over is unlikely to get very far considering the influence Hargreeves has over the city and perhaps the world, but the couple does deserve to make a life together. After coming back to assist their siblings in overthrowing the evil Hargreeves, Diego, and Lila need to make a life for themselves outside of all the other drama. Perhaps then, they actually could have some kids of their own and live a semi-normal life together.

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1 Luther Accepting Himself

luther and sloane in umbrella academy season 3

Luther, like Viktor has experienced enormous change over the course of the series. From being the blindly loyal son who was banished to the moon and permanently altered into a beastly form because of his father’s experiments, Luther has started to put his own needs first. One massive shift occurred when Luther found Sloane of the Sparrow Academy, and they developed a relationship and got married. Unfortunately, thanks to Reginald, the honeymoon was cut short and Luther is now stuck in a new world where Sloane appears to have disappeared.

Luther may have struggled with his appearance, his blind devotion, and his family torn apart, but he needs to come to terms with all of these things and accept himself and his family as they are and were. If his powers are restored, it’s likely his body will return to its previous state, and Luther needs to accept this and find it in himself to love the way he is. Perhaps with the help of his newlywed wife, he will be able to, that is if he can first find her in The Umbrella Academy season 4.

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