10 Arguments No Batman Movie Fan Can Escape


  • The debate over who played the best Batman in the movies continues, with fan-favorites including Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and Robert Pattinson.
  • Fans are divided on whether Batman movies should have a gritty or campy tone, as movies like Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Batman & Robin clashed with the dark direction set by 1989’s Batman.
  • The inclusion of Robin in live-action Batman films is a contentious topic, as some fans believe having a kid sidekick doesn’t fit with Batman’s serious character, resulting in popular characters from the Bat-Family not appearing in live-action.



Every fan of the Batman movies has been in some kind of argument related to several aspects of the hero’s adaptations and their connection to the comics and other media, and some have happened repeatedly. DC has a wide breadth of incredible characters in the comics, and while several iconic heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and more have made their way to the big screen, no one has been more frequently there for the comic book giant than the Dark Knight. DC’s Batman movies may vary in quality, but fan engagement has always been high.

From the best to the worst Batman movies, fans of The Dark Knight have found themselves in recurring arguments. As one of the most popular superheroes in the world, Batman movies attract a huge audience of DC fans who have read the comics or not, and everyone has their own thoughts on how Batman should be portrayed. From Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy to the DCEU version of Batman to Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe, and more, DC has brought to life several different takes on the hero; however, these 10 arguments are a marquee of Batman movies, and fans have not been able to escape them.

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10 Who Plays The Best Batman?

Several Actors Have Played Batman In Film

With so many different portrayals of Batman in film, the most common argument connected to the Dark Knight’s movies is related to which of the live-action Batman movie actors is the best of the bunch. Of the several actors who have graced the silver screen as Batman, a few of them emerge as the fan-favorites, with the select group including Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and Robert Pattinson’s versions of Batman. Different elements that define who is the best Batman in the eyes of fans include the actors’ Batman voice, their characters’ fighting ability, their skills to balance both the Batman and Bruce Wayne personas, and more.

9 Are Batman Movies Better When They’re Gritty?

Batman Movies Have Two Conflicting Tones

The Batman walking away from an explosion

After the Batman series from the 1960s, which starred Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin, 1989’s Batman introduced the grim-dark direction most future Batman movies would follow. Batman is inherently a serious character in the comics, so it makes sense that most Batman films follow a grounded and gritty tone. However, movies like Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Batman & Robin took the hero in a direction that mirrors West’s campy Batman series. The two tones are extremely conflicting for the character, leaving fans divided on which way DC should take the hero.

8 Can Robin Really Work In Live-Action?

Some Think The Boy Wonder Might Be Too Much

Batman and Robin in the 1966 Batman movie

Batman is known to have his trusted sidekick, Robin, by his side in the comics, with different characters like Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne — who will debut in the DCU with the Batman reboot movie The Brave and the Bold — and more donning the mantle. As Batman is a more serious character who operates mostly at night, the idea of having a kid fighting crime with him in a bright suit is not universally loved by Batman movie audiences. As a result, several members of the Bat-Family, which includes multiple popular characters from the comics, have yet to appear in a live-action Batman film.

7 Who Is The Best Joker Actor?

Talented Actors Have Played Different Sides Of The Joker

Every superhero is only as strong as their nemesis, and Batman has the most iconic main villain of them all. Batman and DC movies have included the Joker in different ways, with the character even getting his Oscar-winning solo movie. With so many exciting actors having played the Joker, there is a debate over who played the best version of the Batman villain. Heath Ledger’s name has always been up there after his ground-breaking turn as the Clown Prince of Crime in The Dark Knight, but with Jack Nicholson and Joaquin Phoenix’s fan-favorite versions, the debate over the best actor to play the Joker in a live-action movie rages on.

6 Should Batman Kill?

Batman Comics And Movies Often Clash Around Him Killing

Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck's Batman Killing Scenes

Robert Pattinson broke a 57-year-old Batman movie tradition by not killing anyone in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. While the Dark Knight has a strict no-kill rule in the comics, the same can’t be said for Batman movies. From Keaton’s Batman to Val Kilmer’s to Affleck’s and more, all directly or indirectly killed at least one person. Some Batman fans believe that the character’s violent nature should allow Batman to permanently put down enemies, while others agree with the comics’ explanation that if Bruce kills, he becomes no better than the villains he is fighting against. This debate comes around after every new Batman movie.

5 Does Batman’s Origin Need To Be Shown?

The Fates Of Thomas And Martha Wayne Are Well-Known

Thomas Wayne Martha Wayne Bruce Wayne Wayne Family Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice

Batman has one of the most iconic origin stories, which means that the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne have appeared multiple times in Batman movies. With the DCEU and other versions of the Dark Knight getting their own take on the death of Batman’s parents, some DC fans argue that there is no need for Bruce’s origin to be shown onscreen, similar to what Marvel Studios did with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Matt Reeves did with The Batman. Despite movies changing the killers of Batman’s parents, there is a case to be made that his origin story is popular enough that new films do not need to rehash it.

4 Do Batman Movies Always Adapt The Same Stories?

Many Batman Films Take Inspiration From The Same Comics

Custom image of Robert Pattinson's Batman with the covers for The Dark Knight Returns and The Long Halloween comics at each side.

DC’s Batman movies always use three comics as inspiration. Films like Batman Begins, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and The Batman all take different levels of inspiration from these three iconic Batman stories: “The Dark Knight Returns,” “The Long Halloween,” and “Batman: Year One.” With Batman movies mostly focusing on adapting stories of either a Bruce Wayne who is just starting in his career as Batman or an older version of the character who has endured a life of fighting against crime, there are those who believe it is time for Batman movies to tell new stories, though others think the classics bring something special to the table.

3 What Batman Villains Should Appear?

Many of DC’s best villains are Batman foes, and across the several Batman movies that have been released over the years, big names from the comics like the Joker, Catwoman, the Penguin, R’as al Ghul, the Riddler, and more have appeared. However, those villains barely scratch the surface of Batman’s extensive Rogues Gallery, which is likely rivaled only by Spider-Man among all Marvel and DC heroes. With The Batman teasing Barry Keoghan’s Joker for the sequel, the debate on whether Batman movies should continue to use iconic villains who have already appeared in films or pivot to those who have yet to appear in a movie has started once again.

2 What Should Batman’s Suit Look Like?

Bruce Wayne Has Had Many Batsuits In The Movies

Batman’s gadgets and vehicles are very popular, but no aspect of the Dark Knight’s equipment has been as commented on as the different cinematic Batsuits. There have been sleeker Batsuits, as well as armored versions. There are also the infamous nipples that plagued both Val Kilmer and George Clooney’s Batsuits. It is hard to reach a consensus on what the best Batsuit might be, with some fans preferring a certain style or color scheme while others have a different opinion. There is also a debate around Batman having white eyes like he does in the comics in the films, which have only appeared in rare moments.

1 Who Has The Best Batman Voice?

Christian Bale’s Started A Major Debate

Christian Bale in Batman Begins

Ever since Kevin Conroy’s excellent work as the voice of the Dark Knight in 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series, the bar has been raised for Batman movie actors. The Batman voice can make or break an entire performance in the eyes of many fans, which is why Christian Bale’s role as Batman in the beloved The Dark Knight Trilogy has become the center of much discussion, as many believe the raspy voice he used for the character was wrong. Batman voices in movies have included the actors’ regular voices, different tones like Bale’s, or voice modulators such as Affleck’s case, making for a different Batman experience each time.

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